Sunday, October 7, 2012

gift tag swap - postmark by November 19th

I'm thinking ahead.
Gift giving season is approaching.
Wouldn't your packages look especially lovely with some artfully created gift tags attached to them?

All these fabulous tags were made by Cameron from Paint Myself Pretty (who suggested this swap eons ago)

swap details:
  • Make five gift tags - any style or medium.  They don't have to be Christmas related.  They could be for all-purpose gift giving if you prefer. 
  • Somewhere on the tag it should say "To" and "From" and there should be enough room to write in some names.
  • You will get five different tags from five different artists in return
  • Put them in an envelope with a return address label and enough postage to send you back a single envelope with five tags in it.  
  • I will post pictures of your fabulous art on this blog.  Make sure to send me the the url to your blog, website, flicker, or any other on-line presence to which you would like your work linked.
  • Get them in the mail no later than November 19th:
    • Karen Isaacson, PO Box 532, Shrewsbury, MA, 01545, United States
  • If you're outside of the US and don't have any US currency or stamps, you can just send me a dollar or two via paypal ( 
  • Save paper and postage by combining multiple MMSA swaps in a single envelope if you are totally on the ball and on a creative spree and finishing loads of swaps before they are due (instead of driving to the post office on the day they are due hoping the glue will dry in time so you can get them in the box before the post office closes.  not like that's ever happened to me or anything)

9 comments: said...

That looks like fun!

Unknown said...

This will be my first swap ever, I can't wait .

Anonymous said...

It sounds like fun, I hope novices can take part:)

Laughing Through Life said...

May I please join in or is it too late to sign up?

Karen Isaacson said...

hi Laura - plenty of time! There is no formal sign up - just mail your tags to me (postmarked by Nov 17th) and you'll get tags back.

Kelsey Chen said...

I'm going to send mine tomorrow.

Angie said...

Mail isn't delivered tomorrow but I have my tags ready for Tuesday. Thank you so much for the email reminder!!! I needed a kick in the pants.

Cameron said...

I was planning on sending 3 sets of 5....too many?

Cameron said...

I'm packaging them up now. I'll just stick to the 5 so as not to confuse things....mainly me....haha!

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