Monday, October 29, 2012

Liz's duct tape journals

Yes, that's right.  Journals.  plural.
You people say that I have a lot of energy, but seriously, I don't think Liz sleeps.
Her blog is a non-stop party of color and energy.
She's been on a journal making spree for months now, so it shouldn't have surprised me when she sent me THREE duct tape journals.
Just look at these painted covers!

and here's a sampling of inside pages from each book:

I captured all three journals in a single video.
Lots of loveliness!


Cynthia said...

Every journal is as beautiful as the one before-I am inspired and amazed by the beautiful journals!

lee said...


TaylorMaide said...

And the goodies just keep coming!

Lorinda.C.F said...


karenm said...

Fabulous journals! I even like the crinkly sounds of envelope pages. Karen, I am so glad you have a new tripod. I do not like to think of you out on chilly days--especially howling ones like today.

Anonymous said...

She found great duct tape too, not to mention the beautiful insides. Wow...xox

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