Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Postal ATCs - part 1

Here's a tremendous amount of fun and inspiration for all you postal service and stamp lovers.

First up, 10 ATCs from Pamela, who inspired this swap.
It took an unprecedented 15 days for these to arrive from San Francisco.  Pamela had given them up for lost.  I did a little happy dance in the post office when I found them in my box today.
There were no clues on the envelope as to what took so long.  It was addressed correctly, with adequate postage.  She mailed another envelope from the same post office on the same day, and the first envelope arrived in 3 or 4 days.  This one was postmarked July 16th and had no strange marks or bar codes to indicate where it's been all this time.  Perhaps the mail carriers have been enjoying these gorgeous cards that honor their profession?
I'm awfully glad they are here!

Next up, four from Andria
(another source of inspiration for this swap!)

Christie sent these four beauties:

 as a bonus, Christie put each of her ATCs in a lovely homemade envelope!

Colleen sent these five cards, each with a different theme:

These last four are from Currie:

I have 30 more ATCs to show (and more on the way - the deadline isn't until Monday August 5th).  I'm going to break it into a few different posts so we can feel the postal love for many days to come.

bookmarks - part 4

Here are the last of the lovely bookmarks for the swap.

This gorgeous planetary bookmark is from Chris:

Andria made 4 postal-themed bookmarks since she was having such a good time making the postal ATCs for another MMSA swap.  Here they, both fronts and backs:

I expect to have them swapped and out of the house by Saturday.

Call for mail artists

Here's a fun opportunity to submit your mail art for exhibit.

The Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC is a non-profit creative reuse center with a gallery that does monthly shows. Their upcoming show is mail art. 

They are seeking mail art submissions in any style/subject that  incorporate 75% reworked, repurposed, reused, or reclaimed material.

They must have your submission by August 13th, so mail it soon!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Put a fish on it - part 1

Check out all the fabulous fish postcards that have swum into my mailbox recently!

two from Cara:

One from Carolyn:

four from Christie: 

Eight from Currie: 

One from Eric: 

Two from Honi: 

Two from Jan H.

One from Jean: 

Two from Joyce: 

Three from Laurie: 

One from Lynn:

Three from Marsie: 

One from Noel: 

First time swapper Rose made a splash with seven cards:
(welcome Rose - I'm glad you found us!) 

Four from Terrie: