Wanna Trade?

Are you interested in swapping on a one-on-one basis
but don't know where to start?
Leave a comment here explaining what you'd like to swap.  
Maybe you like trading ATCs, artistamps, or ephemera.  
Maybe it's art in a certain style or with a certain theme.
You could leave your email and have people contact you directly, or you can ask people to reply to your comment here on this page if they are interested.  Check often for responses.
You can also delete your own comments if you've found enough partners or you decide you no longer want to trade.
This list will be refreshed from time to time.
Feel free to re-post your request.


KR said...

Hello Reader: If any of these swap opportunities looks interesting to you, please reach out to those who have sent in a message. Sharing art is so much fun and enriches our lives. Honi

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm from Quebec, Canada. I've been penpalling throughout my life, but I'm new to swapping artwork. Art has grown into a huge passion in the last several months and art mailing is something I would love to try. :) I would love to swap art that's cute, magical, fantastical, cheerful and/or even supernatural. If you might wanna trade with me, you can check out my instagram @maribell_arts to see my style and/or e-mail me at mariannabelle.doodles@gmail.com

Suzanne said...

Hi, I'm in the northeast of England. I'd like to trade HD/HP ATC's, or also into decorated envelopes too. I will trade with any country/location. My information is on the informal exchange page, or you can email me at: randyrennie@hotmail.com

Cez Nunez said...

Let’s Exchange! My name is Ava.
Any fellow Mail artists from the United Kingdom? My main art craft is fabric sculpture but I lovelovelove making beautiful letters and postcards. Mail art is a gift of kindness and a healing remedy during these strange times. My work is varied from children’s book illustrations to art nouveau to spiritual abstract (anthroposophic or Hilma At Klint-like) to re-worked photographs.

I have just moved to Scotland from Asia as well and keen on making friends. So please write. Would really love to trade from anyone in the UK or EU.

Please send to

Cecile Nuñez
Studio Ava
West Summerfield
Rosalee Brae Road
Hawick, Scotland

BreBlur said...

Hi There! I'm an art teacher (rural Minnesota, USA) - I love swapping ATC's, handmade PC's, and other mail art. Let me know if you'd like to set up a swap with me OR MY STUDENTS!! I teach k-12 and they LOVE sending/receiving/swapping mail art. Art at ME (or my students) and we'll "art back" :) Feel free to email me at: breblur @g mail.com (No spaces)

Much love! - Bre

megan magnolia said...

hello! i'm megan, from richmond, va. i LOVE mail. i'm a mixed media/paper artist and i pretty much love anything people send. i collect ephemera, oddities, things that add texture, etc. manto fev is one of my favorite shops.

megan magnolia said...

sorry, forgot to include my email! laviniashort@gmail.com

RaRa Lily said...

Hiya! I would like to swap with one of our students please. Preferably 8-12.

Unknown said...

Hi I would love to swap my art for manga/anime stationery or other small merchandise. I normally review, so I want to concentrate on my art for a change. I can draw pretty much anything and it would cheer me up during the lockdown. Here's my email: armanddesigns (at) Gmail (dot) com

Adrienne's Whimsies said...

Hello! Posting again to see if anyone is interested in doing memorydex card swaps? I just finished the cards for the swap and excited to do more! Can email me at: MisfitsInToyland at gmail dot com or on the comments page.


Unknown said...

Hello! I'm so glad i found this site! I've just recently got back into doing different art and would love to trade with some people! I'm currently working on resin jewelry, and metal stamping. I also have a big collection of vintage stamps if anyone is interested in trading for those! I love other vintage paper stuff! Feel free to email me at christinacrafts@gmail.com

Anna Leda said...

Hello Cecile, I live in the USA but I would love to exchange art with you. I love fabric art, and hand drawn hand painted art, animals, birds, landscapes, portraits. I hand drawn and paint the same. Would you be interested in an art exchange with me?

Anna Leda said...

Hi Megan, I'd love to swap with you. I live in Virginia Beach, VA. I love to create hand drawn hand painted, collages too, textured art.


Lena Rollins said...

I am interested in almost all kinds of art. I love exchanging my art with others. If you are interested please email me at: elyena.rollins@gmail.com

Nicole M said...

Hi Everyone!
I have some hand-painted ATCs that I would love to trade for ATCs. Any medium is welcome. If you'd like a preview, you can e-mail me at nicole_muchmore@yahoo.com. Also, if you just mail me one I'm happy to mail one right back:
Nicole "Coco" Muchmore
PO Box 373 Perry KS 66073
Looking forward to trading with you!

NM2.0 said...

Hi Everyone!
I have some BATIK FABRIC POSTCARDS that I would love to trade for any handmade postcard. Any medium is welcome. If you'd like a preview, you can e-mail me at nicole_muchmore@yahoo.com. Also, if you just mail me one I'm happy to mail one right back:
Nicole "Coco" Muchmore
PO Box 373 Perry KS 66073
Looking forward to trading with you!

ItaliaGirl863 said...

Hello Fellow artists!
I am always interested in swapping, whether it's once, or on a regular basis and will always send artwork back! If anyone is interested, my address is:
Lisa Ricchio
84 Condor St
East Boston, MA 02128
I look forward to swapping with you!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I draw anime characters, and I would love to do an art swap with someone! My email is animegal201@gmail.com, feel free to contact me there to arrange a swap!

Savanna said...

Hello all! I am still new to this and giving it another go. I am open to any kinds of trades. I do a lot of mix media, never can really settle on one. I also like sending scraps and tidbits that can be added to and passed along as well. If interested, please reach out. My email is savannabrook.art@gmail.com and my address is 2935 Rutland Ave Des Moines IA 50311. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

KR said...

LW Lillvik
6145 NE Beech St.
Portland, OR 97213


I'm making collage postcards using images and text from an old copy of Gravity's Rainbow (a favorite book of mine.) You can see examples on Instagram @larstarts and DM there if interested. Send me some mail art and I'll send you a card. I'll be sending some cards to some of the addresses (on the Informal Exchange List) to get started.


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