Wanna Trade?

Are you interested in swapping on a one-on-one basis
but don't know where to start?
Leave a comment here explaining what you'd like to swap.  
Maybe you like trading ATCs, artistamps, or ephemera.  
Maybe it's art in a certain style or with a certain theme.
You could leave your email and have people contact you directly, or you can ask people to reply to your comment here on this page if they are interested.  Check often for responses.
You can also delete your own comments if you've found enough partners or you decide you no longer want to trade.
This list will be refreshed from time to time.
Feel free to re-post your request.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I draw anime characters, and I would love to do an art swap with someone! My email is animegal201@gmail.com, feel free to contact me there to arrange a swap! February 23, 2022 at 12:55 AM

Anonymous said...

Savanna said: Hello all! I am still new at this and giving it another go I am open to any kinds of trades. I do a lot of mix media, never can really settle on one. I also like sending scraps and tidbits that can be added to and passed along as well. If interested, please reach out. My email is savannabrook.art@gmail.com and my address is 2935 Rutland Ave Des Moines IA 50311. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. March 19, 2022 at 1259 AM

Anonymous said...

LW Lillvik
61 NE Beech St.
Portland, OR 97213


I'm making collage postcards using images and text from an old copy of Gravity's Rainbow (a favorite book of mine). You can see examples on Instagram @larstarts and DM there if interested. Send me some mail art and I'll send you a card. I'll be sending some cards to some of the addresses (on the Informal Exchange List) to get started.

April 6, 2022 at 4:54 PM

Anonymous said...

Hello out there,
I'm interested in mail art exchange to keep me creative and open to practicing. I like the idea of tangible art sent through snailmail and will welcome an exchange of any kind. I especially like woodblock print, abstract art, ephemeral collage. I will mail in return something I've made.
J. Blecksmith 13434 6th Ave S. Burien, WA 98168

Anonymous said...

I am a disabled mix media collage artist from MN. I create to take the focus off of liviing with physical and mental health symptoms.To be able distract by creating from chronic pain is a gift from God. Creating is my #1 at home therapy. Using creativity instead of negativity. Here is my art supply list. Artists created papers (sketchbook pages,handwritten quotes or or art journals,painting, drawing, mark making,doodling,kid's artwork or writing practice ,printmaking,and oops/tried something new).
Used stamps
Vintage magazines from 1980s- early 2000s.
Rub on transfers or wall decals. Imagery/artwork/portraits of women to be used as focal points.
Costume jewelry,glass beads,and junk drawer items.
Even a letter or card helps brighten my day.

My address is
Artist Phena Keil 222 N Whitford St, Apt. 312 Fergus Falls, MN 56537.
Thank you, Artist Phena Keil


Anonymous said...

Hi Phena, my 89 -year-old mother found that singing while waiting to be treated for a broken femur after she fell twice helped make the pain go away, temporarily at least... Might help? Hope you find healing.

Suzanne said...

Hi, I like to do small watercolour paintings (sometimes ATC's), and I also really enjoy decorating envelopes. If anyone would like to trade similar, please get in touch.
My address: Suzanne Bateman, 42 Moorland Road, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire, England DN14 5TX
If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a swap, you can email me at: suzrenae1@msn.com
Thank you and happy arting!

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in receiving some random ephemera??? I have some envies to send out into the universe……

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