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Color-Scrape Post Card Swap - Postmark by April 6th

Four-Format Art Therapy #1 - Postmark by April 13th


Have an idea or suggestion for a group swap?  Post it in the comments at bottom of this page or on the SWAP IDEAS page.  We'll see if we get any interest...

HINT:  If you REALLY want to see a swap theme happen, you could offer to make and send in 4 or more samples for me to show with the swap description.  


  1. Of these I vote for Doors, grid, rocks, slice and splice.....
    All good, of course!

  2. What about abstract topics, like "Ambition", "Melancholy", "Envy"?

  3. i like the idea of running away to join the circus ......

  4. I always enjoy the "one or two color" swaps.


    Favorite foods


  5. RB recently suggested the following possible theme swaps: DRAGONS, SNOWFLAKES, SNOW MEN, MATCHBOXES WITH A SNOW THEME.

  6. Possible Postcard themes: 1.) "CHEER ME UP" (I'm in the post-holiday doldrums about now), happy, cheerful images or jokes or stories)? I like the paper doll idea, but am having a hard time visualizing how we would do it... ideas, anyone? How about 2.) WINTER-THEMED DECORATED MATCHBOXES? OR 3.) SNOWFLAKES - drawn, painted, inked, tangled, collaged, etc.) That's all I can come up with right now. Happy 2020 to all of you talented artists! xoxo Beau Sinkler

  7. I like the idea of dragons and unicorns, and other magical creatures and or kawaii food themed valentine's day postcards.

  8. Self portrait would be fun. also travel

  9. Good idea! I was already planning an ABSTRACT FACES swap which could include a mirror-image self portrait. Stay tuned! Honi

  10. paper dolls and fashion. 20,000 leagues under the sea/nautilus/steampunk-ish.

  11. Sounds exciting! Favorite song lyrics as inspo would be cool too. I'm looking forward to participating!