Hi, and welcome, new mail art swapper.

We are glad that you have found us.  You have options of either swapping one-on-one with people who have signed up on the INFORMAL EXCHANGE LIST, or, swapping in a virtual GROUP setting.  For that, your art would be mailed to the swaps moderator or swap host.  She then processes the swap, and sends out the exchanged art. 

To swap individually, enter your name and address/contact info (along with any art preferences) in the space at the bottom of the INFORMAL EXCHANGE LIST.

To jump in on the group swaps, go to the ACTIVE GROUP SWAPS list (tab at top of Home Page) and then click on a topic that interests you.  There you will find the specifics of each theme or technique that is being used for that particular active swap.

To leave comments for anyone, go to the MESSAGES/
COMMENTS tab and type in your message at the bottom.

But if you have a question or concern, contact the blogsite administrator/group swaps moderator. 

Contact info is under the CONTACT ME tab at the top of the Home Page.

Here's some information posted by our founder, Karen Isaacson:

What is MMSA?

Mail Me Some Art was started by Karen Isaacson back in 2012 as a way to encourage new artists to share their work, and a way to connect artists to each other.  For three years she single-handedly ran all the swaps, but in 2015 other members stepped up to the plate and volunteered to guest-host some of the swaps.  In the autumn of 2016, Honi C. began to assume responsibility for maintaining the site and managing the blog posts, supervising the group swaps.  If you are interested in hosting a swap, just send Honi an email.

How do the group swaps work?

The swap theme, host information and due date is posted on the blog.  Participants create art according to the theme and send their items to the host along with the necessary return postage.  The host photographs all the art, and emails it to the blog administrator so she can post the pictures here with the names of the artist.  The host then swaps all the art, mailing something back to everyone who participated.

Why do it this way?

If you've ever participated in other organized swaps on-line you probably received a list of addresses and mailed your work directly to your fellow swappers.  Chances are, you've probably experienced the frustration of putting a lot of time and effort into your artwork and then getting nothing (or minimal art) in return.  Everyone signs up for swaps with the best of intentions, but sometimes life gets in the way - whether it's workload, illness, or absentmindedness.  No one means to do it, but it happens.  But if you've sent out 4 of art expecting to get 4 pieces in return, it's pretty disappointing when people don't fulfill their obligation and do their part.  By sending your art to a host you are guaranteed to get something in return.  Only people who submit art get something back. You send one postcard to your host, you get one postcard back.  You submit four postcards, you get four postcards from different artists back.

Do I have to post my address online?

No.  You only ever have to share your address with your host.  Make sure you include a return address label in your envelope for each piece of art you created.  Your host will adhere those labels to the pieces of art you are going to receive.  We recommend that you include your return address/contact information on your swap item in case of postal delivery mishap, or so that the person who receives your piece may send you something in return or email you a quick thanks.

Is there any fee to participate?

Absolutely not.  Your only costs are for your postage which you provide when you participate.  You may verify postal costs online or by taking your art in to any post office counter.

How do I find out about new swaps?

New swaps will be announced as a blog post, and linked to the "Active Group Swaps" page (tab at the top)... We try to offer 2 swaps every month.  

How do I join a group swap?

If you want to participate in a group swap, just start creating art according to the swap theme and description, and mail it out to the host by the deadline. There's no need to sign up or announce your intent to join.

How do you handle the group postage?

You, as the artist, include sufficient postage to cover the costs for mailing your art to another swapper.  Postage specifications are listed in the details of each swap announcement, but in most cases you simply apply a stamp to the postcard you created, leaving the address area blank. Your host will adhere a mailing label for another artist and then drop your card in the mail.  

I am not an experienced artist.  In fact, I don't even refer to myself as an "Artist."  Can I still participate?

YES! YES! YES!  This is not a competition.  This is not about who's better, or who's published, or who makes a living from their art.  This is about getting good mail.  Don't worry about what other people are making.  Give us your best effort.  Make something you enjoy making.  If it's handmade and from the heart, it will be joyfully received.  And the more things you make and share, the more experienced you become.  Your skills will continue to grow and your confidence will grow too.

How do I thank someone for mail art received?

You can email the sender (if you have the email address), or mail him/her some return art, or post a message on the BULLETIN BOARD/COMMENTS page (tab at top of Home Page).  

How do I find mail art pals with specific media/technique interests?

Go to the WANNA' TRADE? page at the top of the Home Page.

Hope to hear from you, hope to see your art come in for some exchanges.


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