Friday, October 26, 2012

Painted papers part 4

Jo's beautiful papers arrived from Australia:

And in keeping with the "I need a personal assistant" theme, It turns out I had scanned-but-not-posted papers from not one, but two swappers.
maybe more.
my brain is failing me.
If you haven't seen yours posted, please please please tell me.

Here are Ellen's lovely papers:

And the more I look at these papers from Gina, the more I see faces and creatures hiding in them.

Hoping to get these out tomorrow!


GinaVisione said...

I think you've started drinking the hurricane wine already (about the faces etc in my papers)! :D Save up gal! Or quick, go get more! :D :D
The other papers besides mine are fabulous! I've got lots to learn, and/or play with, to match up to those beauties.

karenm said...

Beautiful, vibrant colors in all of the papers. Karen, thank you for your generous, incredibly, superwoman work!

Anonymous said...

Way to go ladies, these rock...xox

Jo Murray said...

Thanks for the kind words Karen..everyone's papers are lovely.

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