Sunday, October 14, 2012

envelopes part 2

These pictures do not at all do justice to the coolness of all these envelopes.
They don't capture the feel of the papers, all the little details on the fronts, backs and insides.
Some of these envelopes shimmer.  Some have cool embellishments attached.
You'll be thrilled with the assortment you get.

The ones below are from Chris:

next from Gina:

These are from Judith:

The next ones are from Jean:
(glad you found us and decided to join in!)

Next up:  Katie's envelopes

These are from Mandy:

 from Tina:

and this last batch is from Carlene:

Click on the links to see more work from these artists,
and maybe use one of your new envelopes to send mail to the good folks who have been adding their names to the informal mail art list.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo, what a great selection from some oh so talented ladies. xox

Jo Murray said...

Wonderfully creative Karen.

karen said...

They are so different and incredibly beautiful. What a treat to see, so inspirational!

Katie R. said...

Ahh. You linked me... :) Now I feel like I have to start adding pics to Flickr. Everyone's envelopes look amazing! Can't wait to see some up close.

Unknown said...

Gina, I am so happy to have received your Halloween envelope and one of your black and white postcards(it had a "Confection by Senna" sticker in the corner, along with a geisha girl sticker and dahlias 2012 limited stamps on it)in the MMSA swapping extravaganzas. Your work is amazing.

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