Monday, October 29, 2012

Cal's duct tape journal

 You know how excited I get when new people find the blog and join the swaps...
Here's a journal from first time MMSA swapper, Cal.
 Cal's pages are sprinkled with great rubber stamps and tapes.

take a peek:

Cal's been doing mail art since the pre-internet days.
(remember those?)
She didn't give me a link to a blog or flickr or anything, but lucky me, I have her address.
Watch your mailbox, Cal!
I'm always happy to make new mail-art friends.


TaylorMaide said...

These are all so awesome. Each one I see I can imagine filling the pages.

Lorinda.C.F said...

Wonderful first submission!

CAL said...

So excited to find your site, Karen, and to jump in on this swap! I've enjoyed seeing everyone's journal and can't wait to see what I receive in return. Thanks! CAL

Anonymous said...

This is another wonderful journal, wow, what a parade! xox

Andria said...

Love this book...great pages...lots of possibilities!

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