Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Help a fellow artist?

Hey everybody - I just saw this comment posted in our "informal mail art exchange" and decided I should highlight it here for maximum response.
If you've got suggestions for Beth you can leave them in the comments of this post,  and you can also contact her directly.

Beth writes:

I am an art teacher, and my county art supervisor has asked me to lead the optional staff development project this year. Last year we had an altered book exchange. This year our county launched new core values, one of which is relationships. So based on this I am proposing a happy mail swap, with a different partner every month. I will be doing a presentation and 45 min workshop for our county wide staff development day. I was planning to bring samples from you ladies, but was wondering if anyone wanted to send me any inspirational happy mail? I will have 3 sessions. It would be awesome if I had happy mail to open at the workshop! Also what would you like to see at a happy mail workshops? I'd love your thoughts. And if anyone is willing to send me some inspirational and diverse happy mail (envies, ATCs, twinchies, rolos, postcards) I would be so grateful and will reciprocate. This goes down Oct 13th at the Virginia Museum if Fine Arts.

Beth Allums
1819 National St
Richmond VA 23231

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Black & metallic postcards - part 3

Three from Carroll:

Four from Cynthia J:

Four from Ellen:

Two from Gina:

Four from Honi:

Four from Jan in WA:

Two from Janice:

Two from Jenny:

Friday, September 26, 2014

Black and metallic postcards - part 2

You guys are great.  After taking almost a month off, I posted this swap with less than two weeks to make something and get it in the mail. I was worried I wouldn't get many takers.  As you can see, I've worried in vain.  I've received over a hundred cards so far.  I love your spirit.
Here's a small batch for your Friday viewing pleasure.

Three from Alyssa:

A series like this from Bonnie Jeanne:

Four from Cheryl:

Four from Crystal:

Three from Currie:

Three from Dian:

Four from Doris:

Four from Elizabeth: