Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pamela's duct tape journal

Before I show you Pamela's journal, I have to apologize for these one-handed videos.  My house is so dark, I need to take these videos outside.  Daylight hours are getting shorter and it's downright impossible to find another pair of hands at home during that small window of daylight I have before work.  Picture me in my backyard on a clear 32 degree morning, in my pajamas with no coat, my son's sneakers jammed on my feet, iPhone in one hand and freezing cold other hand trying to turn the pages. I really need a tripod.  Or a personal assistant.


Pamela's journal was the next to arrive in my mailbox.
Here's the cover.

Here's a peek at the inside pages.  
She used a nice variety of interesting ephemera as the pages.

When you watch the video you'll notice a strong postal theme to the pages:

Pamela is a fabulous and prolific mail artist.
She has a wonderful blog, Cappuccino and Art Journal
that will make you want to send more mail, so you can get more mail.


Anonymous said...

Marvelous Pamela. Love the detail on the binding. xox said...

Oh -- fun to see this here. Thanks Karen... said...

BTW -- I need a personal assistant too! PSThe video doesn't seem to be working..just sayin' your assistant...