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Leaves resist by hhc

We haven't had a full-sheet decorated  papers swap in a while.  Start with an 8+1/2" x 11"piece of copy paper, office paper or light-weight, flexible  card stock (no thick, stiff or heavy papers please).  Decorate five (5) pieces to exchange with swap partners.

Rubber stamp over Coffee Stain by hhc
Each hand-decorated paper should be an original design, not photo copies or photographs.  Your swap partner could use it for backgrounds to eventually build on, or, as stand-alone works of art to be framed and displayed and admired. 

Gelli Plate print w/stencil -  by hhc

Here are some idea-starters for materials/techniques:  Gelli Plate Printing, Dendritic designs, Drip & Drag Paints (watercolors, acrylics, etc.), inks, block printing, stencil work, rubber stamping, VERY light/flexible collage if you choose that technique... etc.

Leaves imprints and rubber stamped images by hhc

Swap participants:  Please decorate 5 (FIVE) pieces of paper to be exchanged with others.  I suggest separating each piece (when dry) with waxed paper or Deli Wrap Paper to prevent any of your wonderful papers getting stuck together when in the mail.  

Leaves resist by hhc

Acrylic Paint Gelli Prints by hhc


It helps me TREMENDOUSLY when each participant writes artist's name plus email address on the back of each piece.  This makes processing the exchange much easier than if there's no artist's info on the back.  Thank you. 

Leaves imprint & rubber stamps by hhc

Also, including one unused  flat brown or white 9" x 12" mailer envelope would help keep my mailing costs to you low.  Okay to fold spare envelope, but please DON'T FOLD YOUR ART PIECES.  Just mail them  flat inside a large mailer/envelope.  

Gelli Print w/stencil - by hhc

Postage cost for five pieces of paper enclosed in a large flat envelopes (9" x 12") starts at $1.20 - two FOREVER stamps.  (Including a new blank mailer envelope might bump it up to the next rate.)  You can attach postage stamps and your mailing address label to your intended return mailer, or include them "loose."  Thanks.

Rubber Stamp over Stencil - by hhc

Send in your full-sheet art by MONDAY, December 12th at the latest.  

Mail to:

Honi C.   PO BOX 142  Freedom, NY  14065 


You can find postal specifications (and a handy postage calculator) here:

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 Hello Mail Art Swappers,

I am so thankful for each of you, and for the art and friendship we share.  Thank you all for your participation, your encouragement and enthusiasm as we forge friendships and exchange all sorts of delightful art throughout the year.  Over ten years of fun and inspiration!!!

Wishing all of you good health and safety, special moments with family and friends, and continued creativity.


This is someone else's turkey (and cat), I couldn't find the photographer's name online to give credit where credit is due...

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