Hello, hello wonderful mail artists!

Interested in a one-on-one mail art exchange?   Check here for names and addresses of others who enjoy swapping handmade post cards or other types of mail art.  Add your name and mailing address at the bottom of the page to introduce yourself!  If you don't feel comfortable posting your mailing address, you might start with a contact email address. 
You may send mail to anyone on the list.  
Be sure to include your return address. 


(This is very important...)

CHECK THE MESSAGES/COMMENTS PAGE (TAB) for replies to your posting :)

Use this page for names/addresses/
introductions only.
This list is a lot easier to read when there are no additional comments.  You can post personal responses or messages to the 
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Thank you.

Please check there often for responses 

The  "WANNA TRADE?"  page is another place to initiate one-on-one specific themed/media swaps.

This "INFORMAL EXCHANGE" page gets
refreshed at the beginning of each new year.

Unfortunately, I can not guarantee that, if you send art out, you will receive art back, but that is the hope.  You shouldn't have to do this, but - you could indicate whether  your mailing is a "gift" or if you want to exchange art. 
"Hope to hear back from you" is self-explanatory, or,
"Let's swap!"

PLEASE put your return mailing address on every piece of mail 
you send out, in case there is a delivery problem.  
Including your email address allows recipients to let you know they received your mail art.

For INTERNATIONAL SWAPPING:  Indicate the country of 
mail-origin and country to which you are sending mail, 
IN LARGER/BOLD LETTERS to help assure delivery.

NOTE:  At the end of the calendar year this list is cleared out, but anyone is welcome to re-post in January for the new year ahead.   I do keep a paper copy just in case someone needs an address that is no longer here.


Anonymous said...

I love creating postcard art with watercolors, acrylic paint, inks and dyes, embroidery, different textures, collage, die cuts, gold foil, gelli printing. I especially love nature, animals, positive quotes/sayings, positive energy and spreading the good vibes :)

I will love anything and everything you send and I will reply back and send you something in return :)

Kathy B
1203-472 Brock Ave
Burlington, Ontario

I've made many awesome art exchange friends on the Mail Me Some Art site over the last couple of years, many of which we still continue to exchange.

Looking forward to meeting you through the mail.😊

Anonymous said...

Back at this again for the year!!
I slacked and never got back to alot of people. Gonna change that this year.

Poetry,collages doodles,found materials,water colors, cassette tapes

Rian bunch
821 s Yakima ave
Apt 111
Tacoma wa 98405

Anonymous said...

I love to decorate envelopes & write letters! I love to send mail and also receive mail. My address is:
Kristine Kadlec
3157 S. 47th St., #5
Milwaukee, WI 53219

Anonymous said...

Jody Blecksmith
13434 6th Ave S
Burien, WA 98168

Enjoyed the swaps last year. Let's do some more.

Whimsy's Mail said...

Yes PLEASE! I like collaged cards, happy mail, painted or stamped. It's alllllll good and welcome! thank you!
Ahna DiFelice
235 Major Street , Toronto ON CANADA M5S 2L5.

Coco Muchmore said...

Yaay! So happy to see so many mail artists here!
I love to trade mail art, poetry, haiku, octopus items, peace poetry postcards, ATCs, notes about the art journey today. I have several zines ready to share. Hearing from new people always makes my day!

Coco Muchmore
PO Box 373
Perry, KS 66073-0373

Thanks! And see you in the mail!

Anonymous said...

Hi All. :) It's been quite a while since I've been the recipient of some "Happy mail" and so I thought I'd re-post my name and address (I requested it be removed some years ago)

I'm looking forward to being connected to other creative minds and so, please post your art to me in a postcard form, letter/envelope combo form or however you're most comfortable to:

Shawnnita Fairbairn
PO Box 250
Moranbah, Qld 4744

I look forward to seeing your shared treasures. :)

SEC said...

Back again, love the formal swaps, but will exchange with any random mail art. collage is my favorite form of art.
Address Sarah Cavanaugh
697 Fair View Ave
Penn Yan, New York 14527

Anonymous said...

Hello! Love trading postcards, ephemera, ATCs, cards, art, etc.
Linda Lou
2509 Rose Hill Lane
Riverbank, CA 95367

Anonymous said...

Kia ora from Aotearoa!

I am a ranger on a beautiful volcanic island reserve in New Zealand. I would love to exchange letters/mail with some overseas friends! I am very into animals, plants and local history. I am into art of all kind (including textile arts) but I am trying to learn relief printing (linocut) so I would be especially keen to correspond other printers!

If you write me you can expect lots about our local wildlife, island hijinks, conservation, and some ink drawing or prints :)

I'll be checking my letter box eagerly!

Leani Oosthuizen
10 Harrison Avenue,
Belmont, Auckland
New Zealand

Jennifer said...

I will be sending out happy mail that includes mail art of different kinds to people I find on this list. Going to do this with no expectations. If I receive something I will do my best to reciprocate but sometimes things don't go according to my plan.

Jennifer Seefeldt
PO Box 189
Lockport, NY 14094

SEC said...

ok jennifer, will respond

Anonymous said...

Hello! I’ve been absent from this site for a couple of years now, but keen to get back into it. I can offer embroidery, sashiko, watercolour and collage. I look forward to sending some stuff out to you lovely lot, and also receiving cool stuff back!

A Dormouse
11 Heriot Street
KY11 1ND


Anonymous said...

Hello friends - I am looking for creative connections and kindred souls who are passionate about collage - it would be a pleasure to receive your postcard and in return to send off my collage postcard offering to you - many thanks

Jules Monty
14 Power Court
Mount Barker
South Australia

bbsporty said...

Hello everyone, I have been creating and sending mail art for many years. I would love to exchange some of my creations with some of you. I enjoy making postcards, atc's, apc's and handmade cards. I use mostly collage in my art.
Barbara Brooks
19547 Royalton Road
Strongsville OH 44149

Anonymous said...

Hello Gulliver here, but you can call me Gull if you like. I enjoy most forms of Mail Art but usually make postcards in mixed media, adding rubber stamps and artistamps too.
I'd love to expand my network of British Mail Artists to exchange with.
My address is:
54 Pinkers Mead
Emersons Green
BS16 7EF

Anonymous said...

Love mail art! All types. Please send. I’ll reciprocate.
Denice Newton
2429 Eastbrook Drive
Mesquite Texas 75150

Anonymous said...

Swapping art sounds glorious, and I'd like to do so! Any format or media. Myself? I draw, paint, and make automata and popups. My portfolio is at https://makitsos.myportfolio.com/

244 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Blessings to all!

Anonymous said...

Please send zines, booklets, tapes and cds to Mænnequin Håus 1411 E. Graham st. Cottonwood AZ 86326 USA

Rogalaca said...

Looking to exchange mixed media art post cards, altered post cards, ATCs.
Carol Rogala
8181 Folsom Blvd
Space 7
Sacramento, CA 95826 (USA)

Anonymous said...

I was active on this group a few years back and I'm looking to get active again. I'll get some random stuff out and will respond if I get something. I'm a very chill type of person. Thrilled with everything and want to keep mail art and snail mail in general alive.

Karen Young
50 Faircastle Ln
Palm Coast, FL 32137

Rogalaca said...

Karen mail coming your way.

Jonathan Curley said...

I've really enjoyed sending and receiving art. Adding my name back on for the new year. I make drawings, watercolor, collage...nature-y art.
Jonathan Curley
2428 9th st
Berkeley CA 94710

Suzanne said...

Hello, if anyone would like to swap with me, I would be very happy to do so. I am mostly into watercolour art, and usually add a small painting inside my envelope.
Suzanne Bateman
42 Moorland Road
Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire
DN14 5TX

Kate said...

Hi! I just learned about this site, I’ve always loved making art and sending mail, so this corner of the internet is a dream come true! I do printmaking, drawing, articulated paper dolls, embroidery, collage, all sorts of things. I would love to get some art in the mail, and will send something back to anyone who shares their art with me. I’ll send some random stuff out soon as well!

Kate S.
1000 SW Plum Drive
Portland, OR 97219

Anonymous said...

Sharon Carter - lost/couldn't find your address

Anonymous said...

Inter3ested in trade, Gary Grossman, 237 Highland Ave, Athens GA 30606

Anonymous said...


I am a nature-loving, theatre-making, slightly-gothic, architecture-inspired, mom and artist. I live in the Pacific Northwest and adore birds, ferns, and patterns found outside.

Botanicals and figures are often the subjects of my sketches. I love experimenting with mixed medium and textures, and hope to get back into making art for fun!

I'm excited to be part of this community!

Julia Welch
1704 NE 75th St
Seattle, WA 98115

Julie Wulie said...

Hi! Would love to swap some art/letters/postcards with you all. I will like whatever you send me! I hope you enjoy what I create :)

Julie Butera
2428 9th St.
Berkeley, CA 94710

Anonymous said...

Hello! I live in New England, and am an expressive arts therapist by trade. I used to be an avid participant in a mail art community many years back, and I am looking to get reacquainted with likeminded people. I love all things retro, bright colored, and unique. I would love to exchange handmade envelopes and postcards with you guys!! :-)

Nicole Maki
23 Miles Avenue
Westminster, MA 01473

Anonymous said...

I'm IN
Sandra Q ChaRney
6083 Okanagan Ave,
British Columbia, Canada
V1H 1L9

Anonymous said...

looking forward to exchanging mail art / postcards etc from everyone and anyone, I enjoy making art from all kinds of medium. All art received will get one in return.

Paul Jaffe
101 West 6th street
Front Royal, VA 22630

Stephanie Lentz Morrison aka Sugar Cube said...

Hi mail artist as of 11/2022
Please very clearly put your return address and I will definitely reciprocate any mailart I receive!!! Happy to add new correspondents to my mailart network of friends I exchange with! Mostly collage envelopes artist stamps and handmade stickers atc's etc love to hear from you!

Stephanie Lentz Morrison
Sugar Cube
27880 Delton Street Madison Heights MI 48071 USA

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wish to send and receive mail art, my new address is Sharon Pfau 1748 Cherry Lane St Cloud Mn 56304. I enjoy using many mediums, collage, stamping.

Anonymous said...

Another person who has been out of the loop for a couple of years. I enjoy anything you want to send me. I love to see what other people make. I do a lot of collage. I do draw from time to time, but not as much. I'm open to anything and will send anywhere.

Melanie Inmon
5712 Woodridge Lane
Sherwood, AR
72120 USA

KR said...

2051 Windmill Creek, Imperial, MO 63052
Mrs. Laura Ward

Anonymous said...

Hello, I live in Belgium and I like to create and share all kind of mail art and postcards. I'm a printmaker and like to create all kind of collage and weird surrealistic stuff art.

I welcome all kinds of mail art, ATC’s, … and will gladly reply with an art piece of mine as well. I love making 1page Zines and Chapbooks.

Silvia Dubois
Pelsveld 18
3583 Paal

Anonymous said...

I make Art , usually either with acrylics, oil paint, colored pencils or printmaking , but I am open to any creative activity. Would like to do mail Art swaps with all you folks out there.

Ellie Bartels
719 S Harlem Avenue
Freeport, IL 61032

Anonymous said...

would love to get back into mail art again. i am a mixed media artist.

laura j evert
2206 Indiana Ave, Columbus, OH 43201 usa

KR said...

I really appreciate so many aspects of this Mail Art group: encouragement to express our creativity, opportunities to try new or different art mediums and techniques, enjoying the friendships that develop through interactions with the group participants. I hope it will continue to be a positive experience for all who participate as they share their art with the rest of us. Feel free to CONTACT ME with any concerns. Honi

Anonymous said...

Hi! Would love to do some trades for any kind of mail art. I mostly do collage and mixed media like ATCs, altered matchboxes, gothic arches, etc.
email: misfitsintoyland@ gmail.com
Adrienne Shipley
51 East Elm Ave
Hanover PA 17331

Anonymous said...

I did a few of the 6 degrees of creativity exchanges - ATC exchange, the mail art pouch, etc. and loved them! I've been wanting to do more...today I did some googling and found this site. I'm going to work on participating in the November Winter Postcard exchange. I mix it up- pencils, pens, printing, watercolor, collage, mixed media and tend to be inspired by nature, color, pattern, sparkle.
K. Cesan
110 Tower Rd.
Ludlow, MA 01056

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