Hello, hello wonderful mail artists!

Interested in a one-on-one mail art exchange?   Check here for names and addresses of others who enjoy swapping handmade post cards or other types of mail art.  Add your name and mailing address at the bottom of the page to introduce yourself!  If you don't feel comfortable posting your mailing address, you might start with a contact email address. 
You may send mail to anyone on the list.  
Be sure to include your return address. 


(This is very important...)

CHECK THE MESSAGES/COMMENTS PAGE (TAB) for replies to your posting :)

Use this page for names/addresses/
introductions only.
This list is a lot easier to read when there are no additional comments.  You can post personal responses or messages to the 
Messages/Comments/Notices page.
Thank you.

Please check there often for responses 

The  "WANNA TRADE?"  page is another place to initiate one-on-one specific themed/media swaps.

This "INFORMAL EXCHANGE" page gets
refreshed at the beginning of each new year.

Unfortunately, I can not guarantee that, if you send art out, you will receive art back, but that is the hope.  You shouldn't have to do this, but - you could indicate whether  your mailing is a "gift" or if you want to exchange art. 
"Hope to hear back from you" is self-explanatory, or,
"Let's swap!"

PLEASE put your return mailing address on every piece of mail 
you send out, in case there is a delivery problem.  
Including your email address allows recipients to let you know they received your mail art.

For INTERNATIONAL SWAPPING:  Indicate the country of 
mail-origin and country to which you are sending mail, 
IN LARGER/BOLD LETTERS to help assure delivery.  


Polly said...

Hi, I would love to swap mail art, postcards, all things postal. Looking forward to seeing you in the mail.
Polly Berseth
331 Laurel Dr.
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284

Anonymous said...

Coco Muchmore
PO Box 373
Perry, KS 66073-0373

I know the pain of not receiving anything in return! I never want anyone to feel that way, so I always send something back within a week or so. I love to exchange postcards and ATCs of any sort with anyone. (Newcomers welcome!) I switch up media between quilted postcards, watercolor and ink, zentangle, photography, handmade envelopes, art stamps, and occasionally collage. Happy to send ephemera/vintage bits if I have anything on hand that you love or are interested in. (My current loves are octopus and jellyfish.) I make my own stickers, too--so happy to trade or send those in a stuffed envelope. This is my second year on MMSA, and I look forward to trading with everyone in 2022! --Coco

Anonymous said...

I welcome all collage and mail art, ephemera, calligraphy, handmade and vintage cards, postcards, unusual stamps/envelopes and any other interesting, artsy stuff especially if you enclose a letter! I answer all of my mail and enjoy meeting new art friends this way.
Janet Renaud
913 NE 34th Street
Ankeny, Iowa 50021

Steph Dodson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kathy B said...

I love creating postcard art playing with watercolors, inks and dyes, embroidery, different textures, collage.  I especially love nature, animals, positive quotes/sayings,  positive energy and spreading the good vibes :)

I will love anything and everything you send and I will reply back and send you something in return :)

Kathy B
1203-472 Brock Ave
Burlington,  Ontario

Looking forward to meeting you through the mail....
Happy crafting!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like to create and share all kind of mail art and postcards. I'm an art student and printmaker and really love to create all kind of collage and weird stuff art.

I welcome all kinds of mail art and will gladly reply with an art piece of mine as well.

my address:

Ona Dubakaite
L. Sapiegos g. 5-16
LT-10312 Vilnius

SFreer said...

Hello! I have swapped here before and would love to swap again.
Shannon Freer
#110-4045 1st Ave
Prince George, BC
V2M 4N3
Please id as being from MMSA so I know. 🙂

SEC said...

Sarah Cavanaugh, back again, don't even remember how many years I have been doing this.
I love it all, and especially active group swaps.
697 Fair View Ave.
Penn Yan, NY 14527

motherbrando/Renee said...

Hello and greetings everyone. I make collage postcards from mostly random papers.
I ALWAYS send mail back and then some . I adore sending surprise mail art.
My info email motherbrando@yahoo.com
Renee C Brandow
2122 swan Drive
Norwalk, Iowa
see you in the mail box!

Silvia Dubois said...

I like to create and share all kind of mail art and postcards. I'm a printmaker and experimenting with collage, photography, handmade paper and mixed-media. I really love to create and share and I will gladly reply with an art piece of mine as well.

My address:
Sil Dubois
Pelsveld 18
3583 Paal

Mina said...

Hey everyone! Over the pandemic I’ve taken an interest in mail art, sending ephemera, postcards, letters, you name it, all over the world. I’m excited to connect with you all and send over something fun!

132C Finch Ave E
Toronto ON M2N 4R7

Jo McIntosh said...

Hi, would love to swap mail art:

Jo McIntosh
7 Gill-an-Creet
St Ives
United Kingdom

Unknown said...

Hello, I'm new to the group and would love to swap mail art!
Sandra Montesano
10715 53rd Ave N
Plymouth, MN 55442

Dinkyde said...

New to the site; would love to swap ATCs, and other mail art.

Deidre Butts
3640 Wild Orchid Court
Wake Forest NC 27587

90960 said...

Rome Smith
PO Box 31013 Willowwest
Guelph, ON N1H 8K1

I would love deco booklets (art/nice-and-neat).

They are small collaborative, lettermail size, pamphlet-like, handmade booklets. When a person receives a deco booklet they decorate a page then pass it on. When the booklet is full it goes back to the owner.

International welcome. Any stage, new to homer/last page. Lettermail postage size. I prefer them on the small side. Largest about 4"x6". Smallest about 2.5"x3".

kayenderes said...

384 -27 Sweet Grass Lane
Akwesasne, QC H0M 1A0

I love decos also, But lite on the International for me.
I also like post card decos

Corabell said...

Cora Mitchell
2015 East 1100 RD
Lawrence, KS 66049

I love Cats and Animals, Nature, and post cards. I love one of a kind pieces, collage, photography, stickers, and poetry. It has been tough to feel connected throughout this pandemic, so I am very much looking forward to exchanging art with y'all and through art, hope and connection.

kayenderes said...

Happy March along. Still would like to have people swap me??? thank you

Stephanie Langton said...

Hi, I'd love to swap art with people! My address is
20a glover street

Unknown said...

Katy Mike S. Lampe
2849 Magnolia Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63118 USA

I'd be delighted to receive anything, and will write back!

Savanna said...

Savanna Winfrey
2935 Rutland Ave
Des Moines, IA 50311

I love swaping art, of any kind. Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Hope to hear from you soon.

Unknown said...

Ellen Nicholson
570 S. Avon Ave
Avon, IN 46123

I'm an abstract artist; mostly working with mixed media; collage, textures, circles, crazy color combos. I also dabble in embroidery. I'm cool with p.c., ATC, long letters, destashing supplies/swaps, or a quick jot of something random. I'm open to international correspondence as well. I'm on IG @ellenscreativeescape
Take care!

Mandy Colton said...

I would love to meet you through a little bit of art, I love crafts and textiles, wool and threads, fabric and cloth, paint or pastel, anything with a little bit of soul really...
Mandy Colton
162 Bradway Rd, Bradway, Sheffield, England, S17 4QX

Laurence L. said...

LW Lillvik
6145 NE Beech St.
Portland, OR 97213


I'm making collage postcards using images and text from an old copy of Gravity's Rainbow (a favorite book of mine.) You can see examples on Instagram @larstarts and DM there if interested. Send me some mail art and I'll send you a card. I'll be sending some cards to some of the addresses above to get started.


Unknown said...

Hi! My name is
Cassidy Sommer
45 Seymour St apt 45
Middlebury VT

I would love to swap art! I knit, do photography (digital and film), make jellies,sauces and alcohol bitters, and other various types of art. Open to international swaps as well!
You can see some older on my Instagram at @cassidy7645

Unknown said...

Hi, I'd love to swap any kind of mail, artwork/correspondence. I love getting things in the post it really brightens my day and live meeting new people!
Rebecca Atkinson
40 Petworth Crescent,
Ingleby Barwick
Stockton on Tees
TS17 0PD

Holly G said...

Hi! I'd love to swap art of any kind!
My first time hearing about mail art - love the idea!!!
Holly Kerley
107 Pheasant Ridge Drive
Taylors SC 29687


Anonymous said...

I recently began sending mail art as a member of a FeMail art group. I'm enjoying it. Would love to do more. My address is:
Catherine Parker
2141 Princess Street
Regina SK Canada S4T 3Z7

Anonymous said...

I love sending and receiving postcards all over the world.
Linde Clark
5430 East Los Angeles Ave. #75
Simi Valley California USA 93063

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would love to exchange mail art again, I am retired now, will have more time to create and share mail art. Sheri Pfau
1748 Cherry Lane
St. Cloud, MN. 56304 USA

Kathy B said...

I love creating postcard art playing with watercolors, acrylic paint, inks and dyes, embroidery, different textures, collage, die cuts, gold foil. I especially love nature, animals, positive quotes/sayings,  positive energy and spreading the good vibes :)

I will love anything and everything you send and I will reply back and send you something in return :)

Kathy B
1203-472 Brock Ave
Burlington,  Ontario

Looking forward to meeting you through the mail.😊

Pam Chatfield said...

Sorry about the deleted post. We can't edit these and I thought I needed to change the address. Turns out I'm going to be here another year, so it was for nothing anyway. lol

I enjoy exchanging art and contributing to collaborative projects. I like receiving all types of art, but here's what you will receive from me. Most of my art is abstract expressionism made using watercolors and ink. Not always, but usually either 5"x7" or 4"x10". I also make ATCs (artist trading cards). If you want to see examples of my art, I started posting them on Vero as @MadDustKitties or you can view them on the web at https://vero.co/maddustkitties.
I reply to all.

Pam Chatfield
716 Princeton Blvd. Apt 25
Lowell, MA 01851

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