Friday, October 5, 2012

Black and White part 6

It's official.
This is our most popular swap to date.
You mailed me a whopping 49 postcards.
I think they have all finally arrived, so let's get started admiring the last batch.

These two are from Christine, who is swapping with us for the first time:
(Hi Christine!  Nice cards!)

These next three are from Gina, who claims she found black and white very challenging, but looking at these beauties, I don't believe it.


And then check out these four from Karen M.
This is her first time swapping, ever, and she says she almost chickened out. I'm so glad she sent them. They have the most amazing texture.  I think she used some of those mysterious mediums I always see in the art supply store and never know what to do with.  These have inspired me to find out!

 This one is from Carol who has finally emerged from her kitchen where she has been preserving the bounty from her garden for weeks.  Nice to have you back!

Chris decorated both sides of her card so beautifully, I decided to show both:


and now....
(drum roll please)
Your offerings to the postal gods must have worked, because look what showed up after a month of being MIA:   Lynn's postcards!

She mailed them September 6th and I received them today.  My postal guy was mystified.
Lynn's house in Connecticut is only about 130 miles from my house in Massachusetts.  If Lynn walked 5 miles a day, she could have delivered these postcards on foot, and walked home in less time than it took this envelope to arrive.
Still, I'm awfully glad they did.

All 49 of these beauties will be going out tomorrow.
Let's hope you get them before November 5th!


TTBishop said...

I like swapping a whole lot, but I can promise you, I will never deliver my postcards on foot. :-D
That's hilarious. I'm so glad they turned up!!!

Parabolic Muse said...

Thanks so much for sharing these photos. I seem to always be running and I only had time to make one card, so I will see only one card in person, but because of your professionalism, I know what all 49 look like! And I love Karen M 's cards! I'm glad she went through with it!

TaylorMaide said...

These have all been great. Lynn's card must have been on some adventure!

Lorinda.C.F said...

wahoo! such a bounty. will be keeping an eye on my mail box!

Unknown said...

Dear Lynn,
I am so glad that you participated in the Mail Me Some Art swap project - Black and White. I was the lucky recipient of "A Kalamazoo Direct to You". I love it and I am glad that Karen finally received it. I noticed on your blog that you were without power from Sandy. Hope that all is back to normal now. We had a lot of rain and wind, but no adverse power issues or property damage in Virginia. Again, I am so glad to have a piece of your art. Best wishes, Ellen MikaBrown

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