Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pink - part 2

Get ready for another big batch of pink!

Deborah joins us for the first time and sends these two wonderful cards:

Ellen's four cards are each so completely different from each other, showcasing her wide range of talent.

Eric  is back for another swap (and this time with a link to his blog!)

I'm enchanted with the way the line work seems to jump right off of Frances's cards. 

I could identify these fabulous cards as Gina's  from a thousand paces:

Here's a great card from another new swapper.
Welcome to MMSA, Iva!

The birches and white dots on  Jo's card remind me of snow.  Maybe if my winters were this colorful I wouldn't hate them so much!

Joanne created this amazing shadowbox to be mailed as a postcard:

Joyce  sent two vibrant springtime cards:

Karen M.'s cards have very cool raised transparent swirls  on them.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Carroll's matchbox

Before we even get to Carroll's wonderful matchbox, I have to show you the envelope in which it arrived.  Isn't it gorgeous? 
And the matchbox itself is sweetly tied with some cool yarn and a feather.

 Here's the back of the envelope.  I will slap a new mailing label on it and send it forward with the matchbox to the new owner.

And then there's this:

Oh so lovely!

It is jam packed with treasures.
(and boy did it challenge my spatial skills trying to get it all back in there!)

These are so much fun!

Pink Postcards - part 1

Talk about tickled pink.
You guys have mailed 105 pink postcards!
They just kept coming and coming.
I think maybe, just maybe, I have them all.
I'll wait a few more days next week to make sure.

Let's get started with the pink parade, shall we?

Here's one from Allison

Andrea  brings a great sense of humor to her first MMSA swap:

Here are two stitched beauties from Carlene:

I wish you could touch Carroll's cards.  Not only are they beautiful, they're full of texture. 

Colleen's got the right idea - I could use a little south beach right now.

Corrine works wonders with washi tape and corrugated cardboard.

Polka-dot animals play hide and seek on Currie's cards. 

Next up: three fabulous collages from Cyndi.
I'm enchanted with these circles.

Cynthia cards all feature pink-haired women.

Dawn's owls sit on glorious backgrounds of abstract flowers: 
(welcome to MMSA Dawn!)

As always, I've linked the artist's name to a place where you can see more of their art.
Click through and say hello once in a while!
(and if I ever forget to link your name, please send me an email so I can fix it!)

There is so much gorgeous work here, and it's only the first 1/4 of the cards!
Stay tuned for more in the next few days.