Sunday, June 26, 2022

MARBLEIZED TECHNIQUE Post Card Swap - UPDATED - Postmark by or before Monday July 11th

by hhc

Here's an easy technique that requires simple materials, yiet yields amazingly gorgeous results.

  All you might need would be:

  • a shallow pan (foil, glass or metal will do)
  • foam shaving creme (NOT gel)
  • pencil, dowel, skewer or stirring stick
  • card stock or sturdy copy paper
  • an apron was highly recommended by one of our participants.  I forgot to mention it because I wear a large red Hawaiian shirt from the thrift store when making art :)
  • acrylic paints or inks
  • plastic ruler edge or scraper of some sort

    Spread 1 - 2" of white foam around in the pan, drip or drizzle ink or paint over the surface, draw the stirring stick through to make parallel rows or swirls.  Lay your paper or card stock down on the surface.  Pat paper gently to make sure all the paper contacts the surface.  

by hhc

Peel up the paper, let it sit for a few minutes (if you can wait), scrape off the foam with a straight edge, and let your art dry.  Lovely, right???
by hhc
There are fun YouTube presentations showing how to get various results.

by hhc
To these designs you may add collage, stickers,  rubber stamp images, drawing or ascemic writing, etc.

by hhc
Participants, make 1 - 4 post cards to be exchanged with others' art.

I had SO much fun making these samples.  Hope you enjoy trying this technique, too.

Please enclose one post card stamp and one self-address label for each piece you send in.

Non-machinable (thick, stiff, heavy, notched-corners) or cards over 6" x 4+1/4" will require extra postage. 


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Four from Joyce:

Four from LaDonna:

Four from Margaret:

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