Sunday, December 31, 2023


Hello Mail Art Swappers,

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your art coming in for the exchanges in 2024.  I hope all will have good health, safety, and inspiration to keep on creating.


Your Blogsite Administrator/Group Swaps Moderator,

Honi C.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Mail Out Your COLLAGE WITH PAPERS Post Cards by December 30th UPDATED

 Your Collage With Papers post cards should be sent out to me by Saturday, December 30th.  I'm eager to see what participants create :)

All good wishes to all for Christmas 


Thursday, December 7, 2023

STRIPES- YIPES! Post Card Swap - PART 2

Four from Jan H:  

Four from Joyce:

Three from Karen M:

Four from LaDonna: 

Saturday, December 2, 2023

"YOUR ART FROM MY ART" Collaged Post Card Challenge - Contact Me by December 10th

by hhc

Hello Mail Art Swappers,

Some years ago I unrolled a length of paper across my work table and began covering it with acrylic paints. I added stenciled designs, then finished decorating it with rubberstamped images.  

by hhc
After that, I began cutting it into usable pieces.

I recently took a look at some of my 8" x 10.5" prints taken from the ten areas I liked best on this long section of paper, and thought we could have a group art swap based on them.  There are 10 different sheets sharing similar details, each arranged differently.

by hhc

I will gladly send potential swap participants several different prints on card-stock to incorporate into their swap post cards using parts or bits of the designs for this project, or, you can use post card-sized pieces as your backgrounds.

by hhc

  Feel free to alter, cut up, enhance, or add your own artful touches to my stencil designs but we'd like to see at least a bit of the "original" designs peeking through :)

by hhc

One caveat:  the inks on the 'photo-copied' sheets are not water-proof, so if liquid paints are added to them the colors might run.

by hhc

If interested, CONTACT ME by or before December 10th or a.s.a.p. via email so I can send you several different prints to use in your art.

by hhc

I will set a "Complete By"-mail-in-date after interested participants have received their copies. With the anticipated Holiday postal delivery crush, there might be some delays.

by hhc

Technologically savvy participants are welcome to import (copy-and-paste) and print-out any of the  above images from this blog listing for use in this group mail art post card swap :)

by hhc
Contact information:

by hhc
I'm hoping for lots of interest in this challenge :)

We already have eight people planning to participate :)

Finished 4+1/4" x 6" post card art for this group exchange to eventually be mailed to your Swap Host for processing:

Honi C.  PO Box 142 Freedom, NY  14065

We already have four artists intending to participtate :)

Friday, December 1, 2023

Winter Holiday Greetings - PART 1

Four from Evelyn:

One from Kathy M:

Four from LaDonna:

Four from Sarah:

Four from Susan: