Hi!  And Welcome!  You've come to the right place to post a message, contact another  mail art swapper, make a comment, ask a question, acknowledge receipt of some art-in-the-mail.  First names and last initials would be best.

Did you receive something wonderful in the mail and don't know how to thank the artist?  Have a question?  Feel free  to leave a message here for that person.  

You can check for messages from your swap partner(s) and occasional announcements by your Group Swap Moderator here.  Please scroll down toward the bottom of this page for the most recent messages.  I usually clear messages that are over a month old.


KR said...

Let's use first names and last initials in our comments, as some have requested.

KR said...

Vewers: you may left click on images in the swap descriptions to view them in a larger format at the bottom of the page you are on. Honi

KR said...

Just a note: home-crafted envelopes made with book pages or magazine pages usually hold up fine through the mail, but some light-weight magazine pages tear quite easily. GLUES used on some coated papers may not hold the
edges together. Recently a swapper's envelope fell apart in my hands, (The enclosed art seemed to all be there.) so I taped the right and left edges of the envelope closed to keep the swapper's art from continuing to slide out. Keep on making art :) Honi

KR said...

WOW SPRING FLOWERS post cards are in the mail today, May 22nd. hhc

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