Monday, May 30, 2016

chickens part 2

Two from Bee:

Three from Colleen:

Three from Davida:

Four from Jan:

Four from Joyce:


One from Judith:

Three from Kimesa: 


Two like this from Lois:

Four from Margie:

One from Michele:

Three from Sarah:

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fruit Sticker postcards - due July 31st

Laurie is on board to host our next swap and she wants us to incorporate fruit stickers, like these, into our art.
Make up to four postcards using at least two of those pesky stickers which adorn your apples, bananas, cucumbers, green peppers, and so on. Techniques and mixed media of your choice are welcome: collage, paint, ink, stamp, draw, doodle…you get the idea. Use at least two fruit stickers in your art. Please, no digital postcards. 
Enclose your postcards affixed with proper postage in an envelope. Thick, stiff, oversized or undersized cards may require special postage, so please check with your post office before mailing. Include address labels for me to affix to mail others’ postcards to you. Use wax paper or deli paper to separate collaged and/or thickly painted cards so they don’t stick together during mailing. Please include your email address in the package you send me.

"Drips and Splatters" - due July 11th

Beau has offered to host this next postcard swap.  Her theme is "drips and splatters"

 In her own words:  "These could be made with watercolors or acrylics or possibly with sparkly glues or other liquids that I can't think of, or could even hand-drawn or rubber stamped - or a combination of all of the above.  Here are two examples I made recently, just because I was in the mood to try something new and was inspired by something similar I saw on Pinterest.  With an umbrella design in mind, I used masking tape to cover up the shape of the umbrella I planned to draw, and went all the way down to the bottom of the card with the tape, so it would be white and have no drips in that area.  I used cheap plastic palette cake watercolors, got them really wet and then scraped the different colors along the edge of the postcards so the drops of colors would drip down the card.  I sometimes turned the cards in mid-drip so they'd branch off in different directions.  When the colors were dry, I then wet my paintbrushes again with the watercolors, then held the brush horizontally above the postcard and then gently tapped the handle of the brush so that a few small drops splattered on the card.  You could also wet an old toothbrush with color and run your finger over it to spray a fine mist of color.  You could also use a spritzer to achieve a fine spray of color, too.

When the drips and splatters were dry, I peeled off the masking tape and then drew my umbrella and the figure of the boy in the white area.  On the one with the cats, I rubber stamped two and hand-drew the other and colored them in with colored pencils."

Patterned postcards - due July 5th

Here's a fun one from Joanne:  Use any pattern to create a postcard.
The style and medium are entirely up to you.

All Things Round - due June 20th

Wanda is hosting a postcard swap - the theme is "All Things Round"

Recycled Bike Love(r) swap - due June 13th

Bike to Work!   Bike to School!   Bike to Shop!   Bike... Anywhere!

If you love to ride your bike(s :D) too, whether it is 2 or 200 miles, Share the Bike Love even more!

Send a Mostly Collage MailArt Postcard/s.  Each postcard MUST:

Be made ONLY with items being recycled or re-used, including the base of the postcard
have a bicycle, tricycle, tandem bicycle, or unicycle on it
AND have some sort of creature riding it!! :D.

Do you have any bicycle-themed postage or FauxPostage, whether from your country or another, and if so add some too on the front or back please!

Please write the name of the swap, your name, and a sentence or two about where you love to ride your one, two, or three wheeled vehicle(s :D).

Enclose your post card/s with proper postage in an envelope, along with address labels for me to mail others' post card/s to you.  (Thickly painted or glued collages should be separated by waxed paper to prevent sticking together during mailing.)

Post by Monday, June 13 to:

Thick or stiff post cards or envelopes may require "Unmachineable" postage, rates starting at  68 cents.  When in doubt, check with your Postmaster who will love seeing your art.

(Thanks to Honi C. For the concise bits of these directions :D)

The lovely PC is from wittmert (on Flickr) from years ago!

Monday, May 23, 2016


Four from An:

Four from Beau:

Two from Christie:

Three from Cynthia Y:

Four from Dorothea:

Four from Ellen:

Three from Phillip:

Four like this from Susan: