Sunday, May 29, 2016

"Drips and Splatters" - due July 11th

Beau has offered to host this next postcard swap.  Her theme is "drips and splatters"

 In her own words:  "These could be made with watercolors or acrylics or possibly with sparkly glues or other liquids that I can't think of, or could even hand-drawn or rubber stamped - or a combination of all of the above.  Here are two examples I made recently, just because I was in the mood to try something new and was inspired by something similar I saw on Pinterest.  With an umbrella design in mind, I used masking tape to cover up the shape of the umbrella I planned to draw, and went all the way down to the bottom of the card with the tape, so it would be white and have no drips in that area.  I used cheap plastic palette cake watercolors, got them really wet and then scraped the different colors along the edge of the postcards so the drops of colors would drip down the card.  I sometimes turned the cards in mid-drip so they'd branch off in different directions.  When the colors were dry, I then wet my paintbrushes again with the watercolors, then held the brush horizontally above the postcard and then gently tapped the handle of the brush so that a few small drops splattered on the card.  You could also wet an old toothbrush with color and run your finger over it to spray a fine mist of color.  You could also use a spritzer to achieve a fine spray of color, too.

When the drips and splatters were dry, I peeled off the masking tape and then drew my umbrella and the figure of the boy in the white area.  On the one with the cats, I rubber stamped two and hand-drew the other and colored them in with colored pencils."


Joan said...

Nice idea! Will be sending you 2 postcards made in the same manner.

Anonymous said...

Mine are done and ready to send but of course they are not as nice as Beau's are.

Marsha said...

Thanks for your card, love the colors and texture

Anonymous said...

I want to thank Rose, Laurie, and Marsha for their lovely postcards. Each one is special and unique. I will send back to you by the end of August.
This posted by Leigh Ann Harris.

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