Friday, March 28, 2014

file folder envelopes

I have the last of the file folders to share with you today.   As always, I share both the front and back of each "envelope."

One from Currie:

Two folders from Leslie:

One from Pam:

Two from Pat:

One from Phillip:

Three from Rose:

Five from Sherry H:

Three from Trula:
this one doesn't actually have a heart on it....

It really looks like this...See the comments below for the story.

Transparent layers - part 1

The "transparent layer" postcards are starting to arrive and they are so cool!
Unfortunately, the scanner does not fully capture the amazing depth of the layers.
People have been using a wide variety of techniques, and I'll make note of what kinds of transparent layers they've used (based on what they wrote on the back of the cards, or based on my best guess)

Two from Carroll: 
(using "tutu" fabric and packing tape transfers)

Four from  Cathy:
(some of her doodles are on the base layer and some are on a plastic transparency on top of the base layer)

 One from Laura:
(using layers of tissue and vellum)

Four from Laurie: 
(some things seem printed on transparencies, some on clear contact paper perhaps?  She also makes good use of semi-transparent decorative tape)

Four from Lynn
(Lynn tried a lot of techniques on her cards including packing tape transfers, wax paper, tissue and decorated tape)


Four from Phillip:
(Phillip created his images in photoshop then printed one layer on card, and photocopied another layer onto a transparency)

Four from Karen Y:
(Karen used the windows from envelopes and printed deli paper, and some semi-transparent decorative tape)

You've still got plenty of time to make some of these yourself.
The deadline to mail is Monday April 7th.