Friday, November 20, 2015

MMSA swappers meet in person

Earlier this week, Susan Stewart sent me a lovely email describing a meet-up between herself and 3 other artists who all live in Southwest Florida and who met through MMSA swaps.

She sent me some photos and with their permission, I am sharing them with you.
It does my heart good to see people brought together through art, and to see the friendships that have blossomed from this community!

Left to right:  Arlyn Johnson, Christie Juhasz, Susan Stewart, Laurie Morris
In Susan's words:
"We met at Arlyn Johnson’s house for a play day. I had already met Christie because we live in neighboring towns.  Christie and Laurie have known each other quite awhile through swaps and many emails.  Arlyn is new to the southwest Florida coast but is a previous MMSA swapper from when she lived elsewhere.  I discovered her proximity when she participated in the Fall Colors swap.  It took us a little while to come up with a date that was convenient for all of us, but it worked out beautifully to meet at Arlyn’s house as a mid-way point.

We played with the encaustic process (Arlyn is an amazing artist and teacher!!) and shared a lovely luncheon.  Getting this photo involved much girlish hilarity as we tried to figure out the delay-timing features on our various phones and cameras."

Here are some close ups of the encaustic art they made that day:
Christie's art

Laurie's art

Susan's art

Have any of you other MMSA swappers had the chance to meet in person?  Share your stories!

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