Friday, September 28, 2012

Black and White postcards - part 5

This is shaping up to be our most popular swap yet.
I've already received 35 postcards and the deadline isn't until tomorrow.
I expect cards to be trickling in all next week.

(and would you all please call upon the gods of lost mail and do a little dance for the safe delivery of Lynn's missing black and whites?  It's been weeks since she mailed them, and she's only one state away.)

But onward to the new batch of cards!
These first two are from Barbara:

This next batch shows Carlene's signature stitched paper style.
I love her stuff.  You should check out her blog.

Here are four from Ellen, who is also a poet.
 I love the many and varied talents everyone shares in their creations.

 These next three are from Katie.
The hand-painted backgrounds give these so much depth

Now, the next three cards have a great story.
Mandy is the artist, and I had the enormous pleasure of spending a whole day making art at her house last weekend. Right before I left she remembered to hand me her postcards for the swap and find some cool stamps and address labels to go with them.  The next morning she realized she had totally forgotten to write a message on the back!  She proclaimed herself an idiot and offered to write messages on stickers and mail them to me.

Here's the funny part: I told her she was too late because I had to mail the cards that day in order to stay on schedule.  And she politely writes back saying "Isn't the deadline the 29th?" 
(now who's the idiot?)
Thank goodness she forgot to write on them, or I would have dropped the first 15 black and white cards in the mailbox on Monday and been totally surprised to see all these "late" cards pour in.
So Mandy's message stickers have now safely arrived and have been adhered to her postcards, and I reviewed my own deadlines, mailed the correct batch of cards, and held onto all the black and whites for another two weeks.

And since I found myself with all that extra time, I decided I'd make a few black and white's of my own:

Fall Postcards - part 4

I don't know about your part of the world, but it is definitely fall here in Massachusetts.
The air is crisp, the leaves are changing color, pumpkins are springing up on doorsteps, and I finally broke down and wore socks today.

These postcards have been most welcome visitors to my mailbox.

These two are from first-time MMSA swapper, Barbara.

The next four are from another new-to-us swapper, Ellen:
(I get so excited when new people find this site and join the swaps.  Welcome!!)

Now check out these limited edition prints from Gina's lino carve.

 This one is from Gina too, and as a lover of microbrews I can't resist beautiful beer labels used in collage:

Judith's card indicates she is much happier than I am about wearing socks again:

And you won't believe the amazing texture on these postcards from Katie.
She made four of them, so we'll have multiple lucky recipients:

Cards are going out tomorrow!

Getting to know you - part 4

Hey mail lovers, I need your help.
Katie made these wonderful "Getting to know you" postcards, and I didn't get them until after I'd mailed all the others out.

But they are too cool to waste.
So I want to release them to the world in the hopes that you swap lovers will send her a postcard in return.

who wants mail?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Painted paper swap - postmark by October 13th


Whether you’re into art journals, mixed-media art, collage, or mail-art, you could always use more interesting and unique papers, right?

For this swap, create 3  “background papers” – something patterned, layered, abstract, stamped, etc – your choice.

Ideas to try: (with links)

There are loads of you tube videos out there too.  google "art journal backgrounds" - you could lose a month of your life trying to watch them all.

Create them on a somewhat sturdy paper like cardstock or water color paper.  Something not too flimsy because people might want to use it as the background to a journal page, but also not too thick because people might want to rip it up and use it in collage.

All three of your papers can look the same if you want - they will be going to three different people.

  • make three original papers, roughly 8 1/2 x 11 
  • put them in an envelope without folding them
  • include postage or cash in the envelope  (typical USPS cost of mailing a large envelope is $1.10.  If yours is particularly lumpy or heavy or stiff, it might cost more.  Get a professional opinion if you're not sure :)
  • if you forget to include stamps/cash, or if you're outside of the US, you can send me the postage money via paypal -
  • include a mailing label, addressed to yourself, so that I can put it on the envelope I mail back to you
  • get them in the mail by October 13th
    • Karen Isaacson, PO Box 532, Shrewsbury, MA 01545 
  • help spread the word!
  • and while you're here, take the little survey in the side bar and let me know what other kinds of swaps you'd like to see here

Handmade envelopes in an envelope swap – postmark by October 6th

Here's a quick and easy new swap
(thanks, Gina, for the suggestion)

Make five envelopes – any size.  Put them in a big envelope and mail them to me.  You will get five different envelopes in return that can you use to mail fabulous letters, or tuck in your journal to hold treasures. 

Ideas:  use old calendars, maps, sturdy magazine pages, scrapbook paper, your own painted papers.  Embellish them a bit – tape, stamps, collage, stickers, paint. 

A huge number of links to templates and tutorials can be found here.

 Stick a little note or business card inside each envelope with your name and contact info so that the recipients know who made each envelope.

Include Postage:
Before you seal your big envelope, go to the post office and find out how much it’s going to cost to mail it.  Include that many stamps or that much cash in the envelope, or send me that amount of money via paypal. 

Include an address label with your name and address (so I can stick it on the envelope I’ll be sending you and not have to hand write everyone’s address.  It’s a huge help and time saver for me!)

Get it in the mail to me by October 6th.
Karen Isaacson
PO Box 532
Shrewsbury MA 01545
United States

(and hey - look to your right - I put up a little survey to see what other kinds of swaps you want to do.  Take a minute to vote.  Thanks)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting to know you postcards - part 3

Heaven help me, I've got that song stuck in my head.
I should have named this swap something different.

But boy, are we getting some really fun stuff.
I have the total advantage of being able to read everyone's messages, so I feel like I'm learning a lot about all my fellow swappers.

Here are the latest.

These four are from Bonnie Jeanne - aka PostMuse
I've been lucky enough to be swapping mail with her for about a year, but this is her first time joining a MMSA swap. (In fact, she suggested this theme, so I have her to blame for the King & I soundtrack on repeat in my head)

She runs the "orphaned postcard project" on her blog,
All of you snail mail lovers should check it out.

The next three wonderful cards are from Sherry H., sent from waaaay up in Alaska.
 These little butterflies are 3-D and the wings can be folded up so they look like they're flying:

You've still got a week to send a card and tell us a little something about yourself.
What are you waiting for?

haven't you noticed?  suddenly I'm bright and breezy....