Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Painted paper swap - postmark by October 13th


Whether you’re into art journals, mixed-media art, collage, or mail-art, you could always use more interesting and unique papers, right?

For this swap, create 3  “background papers” – something patterned, layered, abstract, stamped, etc – your choice.

Ideas to try: (with links)

There are loads of you tube videos out there too.  google "art journal backgrounds" - you could lose a month of your life trying to watch them all.

Create them on a somewhat sturdy paper like cardstock or water color paper.  Something not too flimsy because people might want to use it as the background to a journal page, but also not too thick because people might want to rip it up and use it in collage.

All three of your papers can look the same if you want - they will be going to three different people.

  • make three original papers, roughly 8 1/2 x 11 
  • put them in an envelope without folding them
  • include postage or cash in the envelope  (typical USPS cost of mailing a large envelope is $1.10.  If yours is particularly lumpy or heavy or stiff, it might cost more.  Get a professional opinion if you're not sure :)
  • if you forget to include stamps/cash, or if you're outside of the US, you can send me the postage money via paypal -
  • include a mailing label, addressed to yourself, so that I can put it on the envelope I mail back to you
  • get them in the mail by October 13th
    • Karen Isaacson, PO Box 532, Shrewsbury, MA 01545 
  • help spread the word!
  • and while you're here, take the little survey in the side bar and let me know what other kinds of swaps you'd like to see here


Anonymous said...

Yup can do, this will be fun, not that I don't have a HUGE stash of this already as I know you do too! xox said...

I wish I had a huge stash -- i guess I should get busy.

Parabolic Muse said...

Did you step into my dreams and pull out the perfect swap?!?

I love making these and I love getting them! So guess who's joining in?!?

no, really. guess.

Tammy said...

I'm in! Will be in post tomorrow!

TaylorMaide said...

So excited! Excellent swap idea.

dori said...

mailing mine tomorrow. thank you!

Jo Murray said...

Hi Karen ...I want to do this but even tho' postmarked by Oct 13 it will be late to you from save three pieces for me. I will also do the Bookmark and ATCs..and will send them together. How much will you want for postage? Email me an invoice and I'll pay it.

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