Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pink - part 2

Get ready for another big batch of pink!

Deborah joins us for the first time and sends these two wonderful cards:

Ellen's four cards are each so completely different from each other, showcasing her wide range of talent.

Eric  is back for another swap (and this time with a link to his blog!)

I'm enchanted with the way the line work seems to jump right off of Frances's cards. 

I could identify these fabulous cards as Gina's  from a thousand paces:

Here's a great card from another new swapper.
Welcome to MMSA, Iva!

The birches and white dots on  Jo's card remind me of snow.  Maybe if my winters were this colorful I wouldn't hate them so much!

Joanne created this amazing shadowbox to be mailed as a postcard:

Joyce  sent two vibrant springtime cards:

Karen M.'s cards have very cool raised transparent swirls  on them.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! what a great turn out in Pink participation!! I can't wait to see which ones I get :-)

Unknown said...

It's easy to do a few postcards and think you've exhausted your range of creativity, that you've done everything you could possibly do with the theme. And then you see what other people have done, and you realize that you imagined a scant crumb of it.

Maybe I'll have to try an altered playing card "in the (pink) style of" someone else. Each has an individual approach, but, for example, the pastel floral background of Dawn's painted series (it calms me just to look at them); the vibrant -- almost aboriginal -- texture and contrast of Carroll's cards (I can hear taiko drums beating: postcard AND mp3); or the strong diagonals of Gina's work (I find snippets of maps intriguing). Alternatively, I could try a hybrid approach, but for sure, seeing these is helping me to "think outside the box," as it were, or if nothing else, to think a little more expansively within one.

I especially love Frances' first card on this post. My first thought was a flock of fluffy, pink sheep, and I think that sheep the greatest.

Amazing work, all, and thanks, Karen, for shepherding these swaps for us mail artists in 'net-land!

Anonymous said...

I'd like one of each, please! LOL

Cynthia said...

Double wow! I love them all!!!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Hanna of the pink world love all these! xox

big mamabird said...

Joanne, I really like your comment, yes, it does just that for me too..and refills the creativity bank, so to say! It is also good to hear what others think of our efforts...

Jo Murray said...

There's no end to people's creative vision!

Cynthia said...

Yes that's a great analogy - to refill the creativity bank. I agree - I think there is no more to be done then I see everyone's work and realize there are no limits, just our own boundaries.

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