Friday, June 28, 2013

orange postcards part 2

Oh Orange, how I love you.
I've had such a happy mailbox with all of these monochromatic postcards arriving in my favorite color.
Here's a sampling.

Four from Cara:

Three from Carroll: 

Two from Christina: 

Three form Colleen: 

Four from Currie: 

Two from Indigo: 

Three from Joyce: 

There are many more, but I'm saving them for another day!


Anonymous said...

Whoa those are awesome--I better get mine in the mail to you tomorrow!! man, July 1st is right around the corner.

big mamabird said...


Anonymous said...

Great. I love orange too and have so struggled with this one, maybe it's because I love orange - ah well, off in the mail they go on MOnday along with alot of other things, finally catching up. xox

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn,
I received your orange postcard with "Urgent" on the front. It is awesome. I am so glad to get it. It is great getting art in my mailbox. Thanx again and hope to see you again at the swaps. Ellen MikaBrown

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