Saturday, June 15, 2013

artful words - part 2

Here is another fabulous bunch of "Artful Words" postcards.

Two from Carlene:

One from first-time swapper, Chandra:
(welcome, Chandra!  Glad you found us!)

Three from Ciara:

 Four cards, with poetry, from Ellen:

Three from Judith:

Four from Katie:

Seven from Laurie:

Leave a comment and let us know your favorites!


Unknown said...

The CD was for the non-paper swap. If it is too late, it can be used for this one too!

Conelmate said...

The second postcard by Carlene is my favorite! I might join one of your swaps in the future!

Anonymous said...

How could we not love them all, so different and graphic with the lettering. xox

Karen Isaacson said...

oops! of course it was! I just deleted the picture and will post it again with the next batch of non-paper cards. thanks for pointing that out.

GinaVisione said...

These are awesome! Sorry I missed out on this one~

cjsrq said...

Oh my, they are all great! I look forward to receiving any of them for the swap. However, I am a bit partial to Ellen's found poetry :)

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