Saturday, June 29, 2013

non-paper postcards part 3

All of the wonderful non-paper postcards went out in this morning's mail.
I love my postal workers.  Today the incredibly sweet & patient Kristen helped make sure I had proper postage on everything, and she got a big kick out of your creativity.

I realize I never posted the last batch of pictures from the swap.

Here are 3 fabric and acetate cards from Carlene:

And here are five cards from Trula:
This first one is duct tape, the next two are fabric and the last two are fused plastic bags.



This was a really fun swap.  I've already had people clamoring for a repeat, saying now that they've seen all the pictures they have lots of good ideas.
Maybe we'll do it again toward the end of the year!


Unknown said...

Thanks to Kristen and the other USPS people who feel more inclined to get a kick out of our creativity than to either kick you out of the building, or to post your mug shot in post offices everywhere. I hope she and the USPS people enjoyed the orange juice and donuts, or the box of chocolates, or whatever it was, that was an expression to them of MMSA thanks.

karenm said...

Trula's colors and stitching are so much fun. I am always a fan of Carlene's work, and that first card with the scissors is especially fabulous. Thank you for posting these creations, Karen!

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