Saturday, June 15, 2013

Orange postcards - part 1

The orange postcards don't need to be mailed until July 1st, but already I have 31 submissions.
Monochromatic swaps are fun, even when it's a color you don't love.  Check out these beauties!

Two from Christie:

One from Ciara:

Three from Connie:

One from Cynthia: 

Two from Eric

Four from Honi (swapping here for the first time - Welcome!!)

Seven from Laurie: 

Two from Nydia

One from Ria

One from Steph: 

Two from Tammy: 

Four from Terrie: 

Three from Tina


Anonymous said...

These are all so bright and...juicy! :)

big mamabird said...

I love the cit rus one and the butterfly one best tonight...! Mine are in the envelope,ready to go...

cjsrq said...

What a great response!

Nydiart said...

That's what I was thinking! Soooo many joined in already! Excellent! Love the diverse ideas!

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