Thursday, January 2, 2014

postage rate increases

Since I live under a rock, I didn't know postage rates were increasing January 26th.
All of the open swaps will get mailed back to you after the 26th, (regardless of the 'due date') so please take the new rates into consideration when you mail me to your cards and return postage.

New rates:
first class stamp $.49
post card stamp $.34
extra ounce $.21
international stamps $1.15

I'm updating the open swaps to reflect these prices.
Thanks to those of you who commented and sent email to tip me off!


  1. Karen, this might be old info -- I just went online and that info is from September. I asked at my local P.O. last week and was told that it's more than likely going to be a mere 1 cent increase to domestic first class. They didn't know yet about any of the other rates.

  2. The rate changes have been approved and will go into effect on 1/26/14. A 1-3 ounce package will be $2.32. They claim it is a "temporary" increase that will last no more than 2 years...Uh huh...We'll see.. :)