Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Aqua and Orange - part 3

The orange and aquas are coming in faster than I can post them. 
Many of you have said you weren't too sure about this color combo at first, but clearly you've come around.
The count is over 100.
My evil plan for aqua/orange world domination is working!

Four from Carlene:

 Two of these from Hester:

Three from Joanne:

 Two from Joyce:

Three from Judith:

Four from Lauri:

Two from Laurie:

Three from Leslie:

Five from Linda:

Lynn couldn't get enough aqua & orange and sent four more:


FinnBadger said...

This makes me a little sad that I didn't find your blog in time to send some aqua and orange postcards. So many great cards here in this batch.

big mamabird said...

The very first one just made me drool!

Jo Murray said...

It's a great colour combo and everyone's done such different cards. Wonderful.

Hester said...

I am now a true fan of aqua and orange! Great cards.

GinaVisione said...

Oy! What beauties! I'm drooling again over Carlene's beauties I saw on Flickr, especially the second one. Everyone give Karen a big hand and Thank You for being the hostess with the MMSA Mostess!!

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