Thursday, January 16, 2014

Postal ATCs from August

This is downright weird.
I was trolling through old MMSA posts for examples of Ellen's work to use in her artist profile earlier this week, and I wanted to use one of her postal ATCs from the swap we did last summer.  But I couldn't find one.
The ATCs were featured in four different posts, and none of the posts had Ellen's work.  Yet when I checked my MMSA spreadsheet, I can see that she sent me 4 ATCs.  I dig a little deeper, going through the archived files on my hard drive.  Hey, there they are!  and wait....
there are also postal ATCs from Linda, and Bev, and Jan, and Julie, and Louise.
Scanned, but never posted.
I would ask what the heck was wrong with my brain at that time, but really there's no need.  I was on vacation in Maine.
A vacation filled with delicious distractions and no schedule or routine whatsoever.  A vacation which hung a "do not disturb" sign on my brain for two weeks.  Ahhh....vacation.

Anyway.  These are too fabulous not to share with you, even though they were mailed out months ago.

These first four are from Bev:

Next are Ellen's four cards:

Jan made these three:

These next four cards are from Julie:

Here are five from Linda:

and finally, three from Louise:

I am so sorry, dear ladies, for overlooking these for so long!

If you like to make ATCs and you like stamps, check out our upcoming "Stamp Head" ATC swap.  The send date is February 3rd.


Jo Murray said...

LOVE ATCs...and these are all super. Lucky recipients. said...

I'm glad you posted these, Karen -- better late than never. They are great and you know I love anything postal. In fact, i even got one of these beauties in the swap....

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