Wednesday, February 1, 2017

STICKER MANIA (Post Card Swap) - Send to Host by February 15th

More than 30 stickers are on this sample card!
Do you have just a few stickers left on a sheet?  Here's your chance to use up those odds and ends.  This cheerful post card exchange 
in the cold months of winter  will let you go wild with your sticker stash.  
On any background, use only stickers  to cover at least 75% of your post card surface.  The more the merrier!  You can keep to one theme, 
or mix it up.
Limit yourself to only one or two colors, or use as many as you want to.  Image scale- large, medium, small doesn't matter at all.
Short on stickers?  Check out craft stores, Dollar Stores, eBay,
card shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, thrift stores, consignment shops- wheeeee!
(This is not a food-stickers swap, we already did that.)
Enjoy making up your cards to swap for this Fabulous February 
"Sticker Mania" Free-For-All!!!" 

THEME:  Sticker Mania
MEDIA:  Stickers only on any background
SIZE PARAMETERS:  Post Card 4+1/4" x 6" 
CHECKLIST:  wax between cards, self-address labels, postage, tape on all four envelope edges mailed to swap host

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