Monday, February 6, 2017

Rorschach On The Fold (Post Card) Swap - Mail Out by April 10th

When you were young did the school psychologist show you ink blot figures and ask, "What do you see?"  As if our answers would give him great insight into our personalities and scholastic potential.  It gave me the creeps!

Anyway, have you ever folded a piece of sturdy paper in half, opened it out flat, dropped ink or paint spots on it, folded it closed, pressed it with your hands, opened it back up- and admired the resulting symmetrical abstract design?  It's SO much fun to see what your imagination makes of it.  Much more fun than studying cloud shapes!

For this swap (in post card format), you can start with sturdy white or colored paper. White acrylic paint makes a striking design against darker backgrounds, darker ink or paint stands out nicely against white paper.  You can use several colors of acrylic paints or inks to make your design. (NOTE: paint is easier to wash off fingers than ink...)

Place drops near the fold, or on one side, or both.   After you close the paper with the droplets inside, rub outward from the fold toward the edges. You can even use your fingernails on the wet paint/ink to make finer lines.  What you end up with depends upon in what direction you rub the paper.  After your design dries, feel free to enhance the resulting image by drawing in some details
.  (Don't mind the fold...)

I highly recommend glueing your design sheet securely to a card stock backing (or full-sheet white label sticker) to make it substantial enough to survive USPS processing, especially because the folded paper would be problematic for the automated sorting machines.  

Start with dots, fold, smoosh!
THEME:  Ink Blot Design
MATERIALS:  ink or paint 
FORMAT:  post card shape/size
waxed paper between pieces
self address labels
sufficient postage

Place your dried card(s) in an envelope, and then
Start  with dots, fold, smoosh!

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