Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This Is My Work Space (Post Card Swap)- Send by May 8th

Rare View of Unidentified Mail Artist's Table

If a mail art pal dropped by unexpectedly, would you wish you could scramble to straighten up your work space first?  Well, don't worry.  We want to see what it REALLY looks like.  Maybe you are a neatnik.  Or maybe you work best in creative disorder.  Either way, this swap is a chance for you to let us visit (virtually, of course).

For this swap hosted by Doris, represent your work space, 
or some aspect(s) of it, 
with collage, painting, sketching, photography, etc.  
Include snippets 
from the floor under the table, if you want to.  
 Please be honest and portray it as it really is, 
not as you wish it could be.  Be brave!  We'll understand.  
(Besides, a cleared off table top is boring, right?)  

MEDIA:  Your choice
TECHNIQUE:  Collage, paint, ink, sketch, photo, etc.
SIZE PARAMETERS:  Post Card 4+1/4" x 6" 
CHECKLIST:  waxed paper between cards, self-address labels, sufficient postage, tape on all four envelope edges 

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