Sunday, February 26, 2017

Type Styles (Post Card) Swap - Send by April 17th

How many different type styles 
can you incorporate into your post card-sized piece of art?
Combine at least three
methods/media/materials from the list below on each mail art piece you           make for this group swap.  You can also include other type- or alphabet-related images in each swap piece you make.

-spray through stencils
-rubber stamp alphabets/numbers (different sizes)
-attach letter stickers
-hand-draw aphabet/letters/numbers
-download alphabet/letters/numbers 
-collage cut-out letters/numbers
-apply paint to wooden type blocks 

Please DO NOT collage whole words from magazines.
Please DO make an effort 
to NOT form words with the letters you use.

THEME:  Type Styles
MEDIA:  Paint, Ink, Pencil, Markers, Stickers, Collage
TECHNIQUE:  Represent at least three different styles/sizes of type (alphabets/letters/numbers)
SIZE PARAMETERS:  6" x 4+1/2"

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