Monday, September 2, 2019

MATCHBOX DELIGHT - Altered/Decorated Mini-Matchboxes Swap - Postmark by September 30th

by Beau Sinkler

Hello Swappers, 
How is your summer going?  Too fast for some, too slow for others...  

It seems that we have not yet had an Altered/Decorated Mini-Matchboxes swap.  You can gather inspiration from so many examples on Pinterest and other sites.

by Beau Sinkler
For this swap, participants will empty 1 - 4 mini-matchboxes of their wooden matches *, decorate the outside, then decorate the insides.  Perhaps enclose bits of art or little  trinkets and treasures.  Make a scene.

The push-out "drawer" could have a drawer pull made from a button, a brass paper fastener, a string with a charm, bead or beads, etc.

Or you could raise the matchbox up a little by gluing half-round wooden or plastic pieces underneath, like glides under a sofa/davenport/couch.

Outside wrap could be hand-decorated paper, newspaper, tissue paper, fabric, lace, security envelope liner, etc. 
by Beau Sinkler

More idea-starters:  a shrine, a Christmas scene, pop-up's, a treasure box, a fold-out story or letter... 

by Beau Sinkler

5-packs or 10-packs of these small matchboxes (One brand is Diamond.) are usually available in the picnic supplies aisle at a grocery store, although some dollar stores or hardware stores may carry them.
*CAUTION:  the wooden matches must be removed before mailing through the postal system.  If you decide to use the matches as part of the design or enclosures, you MUST burn the matchstick head first.  It can be quickly doused in water afterward, then dried and painted, glued, dabbed with nail polish, covered with tiny beads, etc.  

A few more ideas:
doll house accessories
charms, sequins, beads
junk jewelry
vintage keys
scrapbooking findings
fishing lures
small pieces of artwork
a tiny doll in a bed (mini-blanket and mini-pillow)
fake bugs
a mini-garden of paper or silk flowers
a desert scene
seashells, tiny smooth pebbles
foreign postage stamps

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