Wednesday, September 18, 2019

TEXT ART - Post Card Swap - Postmark by October 21st

Collage over text backgrounds
By one definition, "TEXT" is written material which may be found in magazines, newspapers, books, letters, documents, on signs, etc.  For this swap we will use text either as a background or as a main focus of our post card designs.    
Collaged words

Old books are available at book sales.  You should see my old dictionary collection!  There is something in me that hates ripping up or cutting into a book.  I have always loved books!
Layered collage

Collaged Text from a "Found Poetry" swap

You may use collage, transfer, photocopy, stencils, rubber stamps, etc. with any other media or techniques to create 1 - 4 post cards which will be exchanged with the art from your designated swap partners.
Stencil over stencil and paint pens

Text over collage 

Sketching over "Found poetry"

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