Sunday, December 23, 2018

Decorated Envelopes Swap - Postmark by Monday, January 28th

Stencils, rubber stamps
It has been more than a year since we had a decorated envelope swap. 

This time we will be starting with already-made envelopes instead of constructing them from scratch.  

Here's a link to a very entertaining and enlightening article about making and sending deliverable mail art envelopes:
Rubber stamp images embossed over acrylic paint  

SIZE:  Medium-to-large greeting card envelopes are very useful, also1/4-note envelopes.  

I recommend an upper limit of no larger than 8+1/2" x 5+1/2" so they don't have to be folded when I send them to your swap partners.  

Large sticker over Gelli Plate printed Deli Wrap Paper

Techniques and media for decorating your envelopes might include paints, markers, sketching, stencil work, rubber stamping, embossing, Washi tape, collage, stickers, etc. 

Any theme, any media that will go safely through the mail when your swap partners use them.

Rubber stamped images embossed

Decorate 1 - 4 envelopes.  If you write your name on the inside of the flap, or enclose a little note with your email address, your swap partner will be able to thank you.

Stickers over Gelli Plate/stencil work on Deli Wrap paper
Please include one 9" x 6" envelope (brown Kraft flapped envelopes work well) with your return address and your own send-to address on the envelope so I can mail your swapped art back to you.  A nonmachinable (70-cents as of January 27th) stamp or equivalent postage should cover it. 

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