Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Calendar Bits #2 Collage Post Card Swap - Postmark by January 14th

WAIT!  Before you throw out your 2019 calendar pages, save some pieces from various calendars for this swap.

Here's a repeat of a fun re-purposing exchange we had last year.  The directions are similar, except for one catch.  Read on! 

Make 1 - 4 post cards on which you incorporate pieces of calendars.  

Be sure to show some numbers/days/ months/
words, but not the picture parts.

The calendar elements (torn, cut, punched-out, strips, folded) should be obvious, not hidden, a noticeable part of your whole design, but you may add other media as well.  Start with any background.  

You must include 
*1 circle shape, and
*1 square shape, and
*1 triangle shape 
on each card you make.
Circles, squares, OOPS! No triangles!  (Last year's swap)
You may accent with ink, paint, rubber stamping, stenciling, writing...  Just be sure the pieces of calendar are recognizable, not completely painted over or obscured by other images.

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