Friday, January 30, 2015

Updating the informal exchange list

Hi everyone!

In the interest of keeping our informal address list up to date, I've started a new page, aptly labeled "2015 informal exchange."
If you are interested in participating in casual 1:1 mail exchanges with other artists, please add your information to the new list.

The 2014 list will be deleted March 1st.

By starting a new list every year we are able to start fresh with committed mail artists, and remove anyone who has dropped out of the swapping habit.

In other news, I miss this community, and as I'm getting into a good groove with my new job I'm ready to start some swapping again.  It won't be every week, but stay tuned for some new swap announcements!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait!!!! Kathie Mc

Annie said...

Hooray! Just when I thought I might have some time to participate, your life got too busy to continue. So I look forward to you getting back into it. I'm also glad it won't be so fast paced as my crafting time is still limited.

Leslie said...

YAY NEW SWAPS!!! MMSA was the thing that kept me making art when I wasn't in the mood, had no ideas, etc. There was a deadline I had to meet so I sat down and made some art. Since the swaps stopped I've not done much so I'm thrilled that there will be one now and then. Thanks, Karen!

Unknown said...

So glad you've not become "invisible ink" (i.e., completely vanished, forever). Good to see you around and about again!

I am not sure if you, Karen, (or others) have seen the "Making Mail: A Documentary," but it's a feature-length video about mail art and mail artists. It might be inspirational for people to watch as they are gearing up:

Rhonda Halushka said...

Yay! Welcome "back" Karen! I also tend to make more art when I have a deadline so I am happy there are some swaps again! Glad you are settling in to your job too!

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