Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap - 2015

Kat (of Kat Eye studio) is hosting her 5th annual "Liberate your Art" postcard swap.


You send five postcards to Kat, you get six in return (because she sends you one of her own!) This swap requires you to go out and get your original art work printed in postcard form.  I did this one a few years back and had a bunch of my work printed at Moo.com.  I was hesitant at first to spend money on reprints, but I ended up being really glad I did.  The swap itself was fun, but the push to do the printing was a good one for me.  Most of the time I prefer creating and swapping original work, but there are times a printed postcard is the perfect thing - a quick note to a possible new mail art friend, an inclusion in a package, a gift tag, etc.  And I learned about some good sources for printing, and I took a brave step to invest in myself when I was still quite new to art and swapping.

Deadline is March 14th.
Details and sign-up info here.

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Timdani said...

5 of the same design or 5 different cards? This might be a new brave step for me to take :)

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