Friday, February 22, 2013

Green postcards - Due March 18

Our next monochromatic postcard swap will focus on the color green.

(artwork by yours truly)

Thanks to Amy (who is up to her neck in snow and pining for Spring) for picking the theme.

Create a postcard using predominantly green colors.
You can paint, draw, cut, glue, and/or embellish.  It’s okay to include a bit of black or white, or a small accent of another color, but overall, keep to the green family.

These postcards will be mailed without an envelope to your partner, so keep that in mind if you are gluing and embellishing.
  •  Create your postcard - any dimensions, just make sure you include the proper postage for the size.
  • Include your name and contact information on the back (address and/or email and/or blog) so that you partner can thank you or find out more about you.
  • Write a little note for your partner – a greeting, a quote, some info about you or where you live, or info about how you created your postcard.
  • Write "MMSA green" somewhere on the back of the card as well.  (I don't know about you, but I get a lot of mail, and it's sometimes hard to figure out if it's part of an organized swap or just personal mail.)
  • leave the address section blank
  • Stick it in an envelope with:
    • a stamp (don't adhere to the postcard in case I need to send yours to someone out of the country).  Keep in mind the maximum size card you can send with the post card rate stamp is 4x6.25 inches.  If your card is bigger than this, or oddly shaped, or excessively rigid or lumpy, it will need more postage.
    •  a mailing label with your name and address on it (I will stick it on the card I mail back to you.  This keeps me from having to decipher handwriting on the envelope you send me, and saves me time when swapping everything and mailing it back out) 
  •  mail it to me no later than March 18th (postmark date)
             Karen Isaacson
             PO Box 532
             Shrewsbury, MA 01545
             United States
  • Feel free to make more than one ( you can send them to me in the same envelope).  You'll get back the number of postcards you create.  Make sure to include a mailing label and stamp for each post card.
  • If you live outside the US, don't include stamps, but send me $1 for postage via paypal.  email:
  • I will post your work to the blog when I receive it.  If you would like your image linked to your blog, or flickr account, or facebook page, or etsy shop (or whatever) just send me a note telling me how you want it linked.  (this is a great way to meet other artists and make lots of new friends)


Lorinda.C.F said...

Oh, I am so on board with this one!!

Anonymous said...

Swap on the way to you for this one. you will know its from me. i made a green envelope to fit in with the theme

amy said...

Will get it in the mail soon. ;)

Parabolic Muse said...

Okay, I'm going to have to send this from hawaii. I hope it makes it.

Oh, okay. I'll work on it right now, before dinner or packing. I'LL STAY UP UNTIL MIDNIGHT, GLUING MY FINGERS TO THE BONE! DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME!


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