Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Under the Sea - part 2

I think I have finally received all the "Under the Sea" submissions, and what a wonderful bunch of art it is!

Frances joins MMSA for the first time with this beautiful watercolor.  She says she used a viewfinder to isolate a small part of a photo and then turned that small image into a painting.
(Thanks for joining us, Frances!)

Barbara D. sent the next three.  I love the little mer-people.  Makes me want to ride a fish!

Ria is also joining one of our swaps for the first time and has sent this fabulous sparkly ATC.
(welcome Ria!)

Ellen's collage captivates with its layers and depth.
I would like to get lost in there.

Polly's mermaid is other worldly, and the picture has the loveliest texture.

Judith (a woman after my own heart) is creating and sending art from her vacation.
I'm not sure if it's clear in the photo that the green and blue waves are woven strips of paper.

I love the fibrous tentacles of Shirley's jellyfish, and the hidden secret writing at the horizon.

Beautiful work, everyone!
If you've sent me something for this swap and I haven't posted it yet, please let me know right away.  I'll be sending these back out in a few days.

(also, if I have forgotten to link your work to your website/blog/flickr please let me know so I can update this!)


Anonymous said...

Sweet swimming goodness. I missed this one. xox

Cynthia said...

Beautiful, each one. Thank you!

GinaVisione said...

Bummed I missed this! One of my favorite places to be -- in the sea!

karenm said...

Magical cards! Thank you for posting them, Karen. So dreamy to see these scenes instead of the slush outside.

Frances said...

Thanks for making me feel welcome!

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