Thursday, August 3, 2017

LARGE ALTERED ROLODEX CARDS SWAP - Send in by September 18th

3" x 5" ROLODEX - Acrylic Paint, applique, rubber stamped images, collage (by HC)
What to do with an unexpected donation of  office supplies? Someone recently gifted this swap host with a big box full of blank 3" x 5" Rolodex cards.  She decided to host a fun swap with them, even though most of our previous Rolodex swaps have been with the smaller sized cards.  
3" x 5" - Acrylic paint, tissue paper collage, Magic Mesh, applique (by HC)
This will be an ARTIST'S CHOICE for subject matter, media and whatever else you can think of to alter the look of a plain white card.  Let yourself go crazy on this one!  Try a new technique, or use ridiculous materials to decorate them!  (Just remember that these cards have to be mailed out to other recipients in standard envelopes.)  Create a maximum of FOUR cards.

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