Friday, September 1, 2017

"Just Paint" - Post Card Swap - Send by FRIDAY, September 22nd

Acrylic paint pushed though stencils, pencil eraser,
sponging, rubber washers,
eraser carvings, paint brushes
This media-specific swap may sound limiting, but read on. You can stretch your creativity while using ONLY paint, with no other elements or media, to create designs for 1 - 4 cards to swap.  Have some fun with this!

Paint brushes, rubber washers, stencil, white paint pen, eraser carving

You may use paint brushes, fingers, feet, daubers, sponges, Gelli plate printers, brayers, stencils, plastic card edges (to scrape paint), paint-filled balloons and darts, spin art, rubber stamps with paint (not ink), or other shape- or texture-making items with paint, etc., or any combination of these.

Paint brushes, stencil, rubber washers, eraser carvings
Paint brushes, acrylic paint pushed through stencil,
eraser carvings, white paint pen
Suggested Paint Choices:

acrylic paint

finger paint
watercolors (even a cheap set)
house paint
spray paint
paint pens

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