Saturday, August 5, 2017

Trees Post Card Swap - Send by September 4th

Smooshed watercolors and permanent markers
There is something so fascinating about trees.  They are Earth's largest plants.  Under them, forest creatures find shelter. Children climb up into their branches and gain a different perspective of the world around them.  High above the ground, many birds make their nests in safety.  (Yes, I am a romantic.)  And of course, we use their wood to build many things.
Photograph layered with over-printed vellum, rubber stamping
This stiff layered cardboard and raffia required approximately $3.00 postage!
I challenge participants to actually go outside and walk up to a tree: touch the bark, noting its texture (rough or smooth); look up into the leafy bower; note the scent, especially if it is a sticky evergreen; and if no one is watching, hug a tree.  Or, just view a treeline from across a field.
Permanent marker; made for informal Found Poetry swap
In this swap I hope you will express your creativity in many ways: collage, drawing, painting, mixed media, abstract interpretation. One of each???  Your tree design may be abstract or realistic, portraying a tree (or trees) in any season.

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