Thursday, March 21, 2013

green postcards - part 3

Holy Guacamole, green is popular!
The card count is currently at 86.
There are still many to be scanned, but I figured I'd better post some more today to keep the blog posts a somewhat reasonable length.

I am always totally inspired by Carlene's stitching.

Ellen's got a great mix of collage and washi tape, and makes great use of some vintage stamps.

Gina's cards feature not only her awesome lino cuts, but ephemera from her recent travels 

Corrine  also makes excellent use of washi tape, and do I detect gelli prints there too?

Janet, after many months of good intentions, is "Actually doing a postcard swap"
I'm so glad, Janet dear!

A great big welcome to Joyce, who is swapping for the first time.
I can't tell you how much joy it brings me to know people are taking their first leap into swapping with MMSA.

Tune in tomorrow for even more green!


  1. These are all seriously beautiful cards, and I'm absolutely thrilled beyond words to see my own artwork on a site where the whole world can also see it, lol.

    Thank you for this site and the swap!!


  2. That's a whole mess of green goodness. Yes washi and gelli them all, great inventivness in this grouping. Gina gets the best paper emphemera. xox

  3. Holy Molé AND Guacamole! 86??!! I wish I could come be an assistant if you'd like one, Fab MMSA Mistress! U R WunderFULL~

  4. Green is my favorite color, but I didn't manage to get any cards made...Story of my life...These are gorgeous!

  5. You must be constantly snowed under with mail. When do you find time to do stuff for yourself? Mind must seem like Xmas every day.

  6. There have been some fantastic cards! I can't wait to see which ones make it my way. xx