Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Green postcards part 5

This is what 87 postcards look like when they are spread across my dining room table, ready to be swapped:
I'll be mailing them out in batches so that those of you who made multiple cards can enjoy happy mailboxes for several days in a row.  The first batch went out yesterday.

Here are pictures of the final bunch of cards.
First up are four from Leslie:

Next are three from Lilia (more great "year of the snake" art!)

Lorinda sent these collages.
(a mere three out of the 365 collages she'll be making this year!)

Lucinda joins us for the first time and sent these four gorgeous paintings!
Welcome, Lucinda.  Glad you found us!

Mary sent the next two, and boy do I love those little frog eyes peeking up from the one below:

Last, but not least, two fabulous cards from Tina.
The penguin on the second card is made from felt.

Many thanks to the 31 fabulous artists who submitted the grand total of 87 cards, making this our most popular swap to date!

What color should we do next?


Anonymous said...

Pink! Turquoise! Yellow! Red! Orange! Um......you decide. :-)

karenm said...

Beautiful cards! So fun to see chard, my favorite, on a vibrant card. And what a lovely, lovely sight on your table, Karen. Thank you!

GinaVisione said...

OMGosh - what an amazing stash!!! So many favorites in the latest batch, but hats off to Leslie for the Unforgettable Women's Exchange, Leslie for the Epictetus piece, and Lorinda's water lilies. So much talent - all 87 pieces must be a feast of any Green-Eyed-Monster :D!
I wish for springtime Luscious Red or Passionate Pink (A color I do NOT gravitate to normally) for the next monochromes, but heck I look forward to the next color-flav of the month, whatever the color shall be!

Terrie said...

Don't forget purple - I love me some purple. But I'm sure we'll get to them all eventually....each color is so fun!

I just got my Through the Window art and it's SO gorgeous! What a great idea for sharing.....

Anonymous said...

Wow! That certainly is a big collection of green Art! What a wonderful feast for the eyes! :)

Love the color Turquoise and deep dark Blues! ;D

Anonymous said...

That's a LOT of good lookin' postcards. There is no way I could pick a favorite from so many...they are all wonderful.

How about a duo for the next color: Pink and purple? Maybe? Possibly?


Anonymous said...

They are all wonderful!! So much talent! How about turquoise next? Thanks for all you do on this, Karen. ~ Peggy Lynn

Cynthia said...

Passionate PInk gets my vote. It is Cherry Blossom season too!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing that whole pile on the table!! xox

Lesa said...

I am all admiration for your ability to keep so many items organized and arranged, sending and receiving. Gracious, Girl, that is a huge talent, among your many! And thanks for the visual treat of seeing the postcards on your table. Beautiful!

Katie R. said...

Wow. That is a lot of postcards and artwork! I can't wait to start seeing all that green in the mailbox. Thank you Karen for all the work you do.

um... color??? pink could be fun - orange could be a challenge.

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