Thursday, July 27, 2017

White On White Textures Post Card Swap - Send by August 28th

By Davida

The Merriam-Webster dictionary had a lot to say about "white."  A few selected definitions:
  1. 1a :  free from colorb :  of the color of new snow or milk; specifically :  of the color white (?)c :  light or pallid in color white hair lips white with feard :  lustrous pale gray :  silveryalso :  made of silver

  2. 3
  3. b :  unmarked by writing or printingone of the white days of his life — Sir Walter Scott
  4. a :  heated to the point of whiteness6
  5. 7
  6. of, relating to, or constituting a musical tone quality characterized by a controlled pure sound, a lack of warmth and color, and a lack of resonance
Isn't it interesting that both cold snow and extreme heat can be described as "white?"
Be brave, make one - four post cards using only white items to create layers.  Our swap host will allow shades of variation, but asks participants to stick to white, whether soft-white, off-white, etc.  Remember, this is also about LAYERS OF TEXTURE.  
So get ready to collage, collage, collage!

by Davida

Some media ideas to get you started:
acrylic paint, White-Out, paint pen
molding paste, spackle, stucco paint
Magic Mesh
cheesecloth, gauze
seam tape
paper doilies
white tape (no designs)
3-ring reinforcement circles
textured papers, torn, or small, flat folds
paper hole-punch-outs
plain white tissue paper, napkins, paper towels
small feathers (secure very well!!!)
eggshell bits (ditto)
sample/paint chips
threads, string, ribbon
white pencil, chalk, crayon

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